The investigation into alleged threatening text messages is continuing and here's the latest update.

Waynesville School District announced in a statement Friday afternoon at about 4:15 p.m., after the school day, that Friday went "smoothly" at Waynesville High School and "there were no incidents reported."

"The Courtwarming Pep Assembly was held and all high school events will occur as scheduled," the statement said.

The district said the investigation into the source of the text messages is on-going and the district "has not commented on the content of the messages."

"It is possible that a source outside of our school district was involved in sending the message and law enforcement officials at the local, state and national levels are working to identify the suspect or suspects. In addition, it has been brought to our attention that a copy or copies of these messages have been distributed through social media. These messages contain racially inappropriate material that is offensive and will not be tolerated in the Waynesville R-VI School District," the statement said.

Waynesville superintendent Dr. Brian Henry is quoted, in the statement, as saying, "Diversity is our strength and it is routinely cited as one of the greatest assets of our district. We are the most diverse school district in our conference and are proud of our racial diversity. We are appalled by the threatening and racially insensitive commentary utilized by the perpetrator of this message and will increase our collaboration with community groups to educate and raise awareness of the vital importance of diversity in our educational system.”

The district expressed its appreciation of the support of local law enforcement agencies, which included Waynesville Police Department, the school's resource officers, Rolla Police Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.