Jason and Armina Brazzel have a great love story and wanted to share it with others to show that true love does exist.

Does true love exist anymore? Armina and  Jason Brazzel know that it does. They have been together since they were in 10th grade and they both agreed that neither one has ever thought about leaving.
Many of their friends want to know their secret. One can observe the way they interact and can tell they are not interested in putting on a show. They are very humble about it. Their secret is that they have no secret. The reason Armina wrote an email to the Daily Guide saying that they wanted to share their story is because they want people to know that true love is a real thing.
When they started their relationship they established some simple rules. The first rule is, they talk about everything. They admitted that they do get mad. They may walk away from each other and/or stay silent but they come back and they talk. Nothing is off limits.
A second rule is that they don’t allow other people to know anything about their relationship. They told the Daily Guide, that through the years, even their family has had to just assume what was going on because they would not give up one detail.
A third rule they have is unconditional honesty. They don’t keep anything from each other and they tell each other everything.
Their love story began in tenth grade. They were sitting in the lunchroom when they met. Jason explained that he pretended to be hitting someone and his hand brushed up alongside her. She thought he was talking with his hands and brushed her on accident, but it was on purpose.
He immediately turned around and said, “Sorry!’ and made sure she was alright, goofing around a bit. Lunch was done and they went on to their next class but Armina noticed that the kid that had hit her on “accident” was following her. She thought, “Ok, now this is getting weird.”
Little did she know that they had been in the same class all year. During class, Armina’s husband slipped her a note. It was one of those, Do you like me? Check yes or no. He didn’t just get yes but he got her number too.
Jason explained that she had a boyfriend at the time but he just wasn’t treating her right. So, there was the beginning of a love that never ended.
In a twist of fate, one or two days after they met, her husband got transferred out of the class they were in together and they never had a class together again for the rest of their time in school. They talked about how he may have had that one chance, that one encounter and if he never took that risk, well, this article would have never been written.
They don’t have a fairytale, exactly, but they have lived a life that may be similar to many people’s lives. He joined the Marines and they got married at the age of 18. Their families were not supportive at all. Jason said that his mother wouldn’t even really speak to Armina until her first grandchild was born.
Through their marriage they have had many ups and downs. The usual roller coaster that is life which includes children being born, health issues, careers, getting through school, grieving the loss of loved ones, moves and on and on. The thing is when one needed support, the other jumped in the gap. Armina stayed home with the kids when she was able and worked when she was able. Her husband took the kids to school, picked them up and made dinner and such when she was going to school for her dental degree.
There are many times when they will pop into each other’s work just to see each other. They have had many coworkers comment on it because they would love their spouse to do the same. They said they reply with, “tell them.” They say they just have this connection. One will call the other and the other was just going to call them.
The point they want to make is that you can have true love. They said it’s such a simple thing. They explained that honesty, working as a team and selflessness is the way to make it work.