The Daily Guide caught up with new St. Robert Alderman, Michael Myers, to get to know a little about the newly appointed alderman.

Michael Myers was recently appointed as alderman to Ward 4 by St. Robert Mayor, George Lauritson when former alderman, Steve Benner. resigned.

Lauritson said, in response to a question as to why he chose Myers, " He ran for election last year. I knew he was out there and interested in serving the city."

The Daily Guide interviewed Myers recently, to learn more about the city's newest alderman and to find out why he was interested in serving in the position.

Myers has lived in Pulaski County since he was five years old.While growing up he said he liked to go exploring and see new things in the area. After graduating from High School, Myers joined the Missouri National Guard in 2005 to become an MP. He deployed to Iraq with the 955th (Reserve) Engineers from 2008 to 2009.

Myers became an advocate for Avery's Angels Gastroschisis Foundation in 2013. He started out by placing a vehicle wrap on the tailgate of his truck stating his support for the foundation. In 2015 he placed more decals on the rest of his truck.

Before becoming an alderman, Myers was on the Park Board Committee. He is also on the Emergency Services Committee.

In his spare time, Myers said he tries to go to car and bike shows to raise awareness about the gastroschisis birth defect and attend parades in the local areas. During the summer he has travelled to different states to support their Gastroschisis Awareness Day Event.

Myers ran for Alderman of Ward 4 last year and only lost by a few votes. When Benner resigned, Myers was the best choice to be appointed as new Alderman, according to Lauritson.

“I am excited that I was appointed as Alderman of Ward 4. I want the people of Ward 4 to be proud of me and to be able to come to me with their issues," Myers said.


Q: Why were you interested in being appointed Alderman of Ward 4?


A: It’s something I thought I should do. I wanted to give back to the community.


Q: How does your family feel?


A: My family is very proud. Austin (his son) is not sure how he feels, but he is sure proud of me.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish as Alderman and how will you accomplish this?


A: I want to make St Robert a better place, something citizens can be proud of, through the passing of ordinances, working with the other Alderman, and cleaning up abandoned places.


Q: What are your future plans?


A: I will be running in the April election for Alderman of Ward 4.


Q: What issues in St Robert are important to you?


A: Sustaining growth and bringing more businesses to St Robert, to create more jobs.