The Daily Guide will be presenting reader's questions to the Waynesville School District concerning issues related to a proposed $0.20 tax levy on April's ballot.

The community is invited to attend a community forum, hosted by the Daily Guide, Wednesday evening about the proposed $0.20 tax levy that will be on April's ballot.

The Daily Guide invited readers to submit questions that would be asked of the school district concerning the levy and how the district handles its finances. We have received more than 20 unique questions that pertain to the subject and will be presenting those to the school district to answer live on our Facebook page, for those users who would like to watch it. For those who .

Former Pulaski County Sheriff and local author, J.B. King, will be acting as moderator and host of the forum. King and the Daily Guide have worked out some guidelines as to how the forum will be conducted and the school district has agreed to those as well.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Henry and Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services Chris Berger will be representing the district during the forum.

I have received a few questions via email and Facebook asking me if the district will be provided the questions ahead of time and why we decided not to allow questions from the floor during the forum. I'd like to address those two questions up front.

First, we decided to only take submitted questions because this is the first forum I personally have planned and this is an issue that people can get passionate about. We wanted to make sure that all readers had a chance to submit questions and that the forum was conducted in a calm, professional manner.

The district will only have the questions 24 hours in advance and we did that due to the nature of the questions. There are questions that will require the district to do a bit of research and the whole point of this was so that the people could have their questions answered.

King has reserved the right to ask follow-up questions, if he feels something hasn't been answered fully, and will be representing the people in this forum.

The district will be given 15 minutes to present information at the beginning of the forum. At the end of their 15 minutes, the submitted questions will begin. The district will have three minutes to answer each question with the right to request 2 additional minutes on three questions, if they choose to.

The time limit imposed on answering the questions was so that there would be enough time to get to as many of our readers' submitted questions as possible. Readers are welcome to watch the forum on our Facebook page at, attend in person, or catch the follow-up coverage in Friday's newspaper.

The forum will be held at the Hampton Inn in St. Robert from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 15.