A night of awards and recognition

The night began with Mayor Hardman and the Alderman meeting in closed session to discuss real estate, personnel and legal issues.
After the closed session, the regular council meeting began. Present were: Mayor Hardman, Alderman Folkert, Curtis, Clark, Brown, Dupont, Conley, France and Mann. Also in attendance were Bruce Harrell, city administer, Carol Welch, city clerk, Stephanie Leuthan, city finance officer, and special guests Bob McFarland, Troop 150 Committee Chairman, Aiden McFarland, Star Scout and Jordon Betz, Life Scout, both from Boy Scout Troop 150.
Both of these young men gave up a good portion of their evening to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the council meeting. A big thanks for their time and dedication.
It was an evening of awards and recognition. Good citizenship awards were given for outstanding achievement, the Kiwanis Club of Pulaski County was recognized, and the winner of the Waynesville Sports and Recreation logo contest was announced.
The agenda, minutes of Feb 16 meeting and payment of bills, was approved as well as several planning and zoning ordinances. The park board, planning committee, and other committees updated and reported to the council on their March committees meetings.
Sean Wilson, representing the park board, commented on the amount of vandalism in the park. Mayor Hardman said she is appalled by the amount of vandalism in the park, Mayor Hardman reminded everyone of the Special Olympics taking place on post this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and encouraged everyone to attend.

Three more things you should know from the meeting are:

1. Local Citizens recognized for outstanding achievements. Presentation of good citizenship awards for outstanding achievement were made to the following individuals: Bob Hathaway, Audra Barber, Theresa Steward, Jackie Welborn, and Pam Seda,( not present) Bob Hathway was recognized for his achievement in serving as the chairman of the Waynesville Downtown Business Association. Audra Barber, Theresa Steward and Pam Seda (not present) were recognized for their achievements as hosts of Waynesville downtown festivals. Jackie Welborn was recognized for her excellent photographs of the community.

2. WSR Logo Contest Winner announced: Austin Williams, a graphic design arts student at Waynesville Career Center won the WSR design logo contest. The contest was very competitive and to have had his logo chosen is a great honor and accomplishment. Mayor Hardman presented Austin with a certificate of appreciation for achieving first place in the logo design contest. The certificate states that, “his creativity helped to make the program recognizable throughout the Waynesville/St Robert community.” Softball equipment, donated by Lowes, was also given to Austin.

3.  Kiwanis Club recognized: Mayor Hartman recognized and thanked the Kiwanis Club of Pulaski County for thirty years of dedication and positive impact on the lives of children and the community. The proclamation states that “the Kiwanis Club began improving the lives of children of the Waynesville, St Robert, and Pulaski county communities.by developing and promoting sports such as a youth soccer program 30 years ago, the forerunner of the Waynesville/St Robert Youth Program.”