Escape Rooms are already a popular destination for adventure seekers who don’t mind a puzzle. With Mastermind Room Escape, patrons can explore Da Vinci’s workshop, make part in diamond heist, or explore an ancient castle all within St. Louis. Each room features it’s own unique story for visitors to become a part of while solving different puzzles under a time limit.  Mastermind Room Escape offers multiple difficulty levels so participants can enjoy a casual experience or test their skills under the strain of the harder rooms.
According to the Mastermind Room Escape’s website, “the room escape concept was first developed in Japan in 2008, and in 2013 room escapes began popping up across the United States.”
Their website says Mastermind Room Escape “provides the St. Louis and St. Charles areas with captivating and hands-on experiences that are ideal for friends, family, and coworkers.” The games are perfectly designed for team building and boosting communication while challenging mental strength. Visitors who want a little more St. Louis flavor in their evening can even take part in a Cardinals Baseball themed escape.
Each room requires at least two people to solve the puzzles, and allow eight to twelve total participants as part of each group. For example up to eight people can spend an hour trying to escape from a secret society in one of Mastermind Room Escape’s more advanced scenarios. This room in particular boasts a 21% escape rate, and visitors can actually go head to head with another group in a duplicate room to race the clock and see who can get out first. If they can get out, that is.
The Diamond Heist Room is perfect for lovers of Ocean’s Eleven, according to Mastermind Room Escape’s website. The company promises not to rat you out if you manage to “pilfer the largest diamond known in history.” Visitors who want to stay on the right side of the law can solve the puzzles in Da Vinci’s workshop to save the Mona Lisa before she can be stolen by art thieves. These are both medium level rooms where the participants can enjoy a tamer atmosphere while working their brains.
If you go,
Mastermind Room Escape has two locations in St. Louis, both of which are just an easy drive away. Visitors can book rooms in both St. Louis and St. Charles by visiting the company’s website at and clicking Book Now at the top. The cost is $26 per person.
Each game lasts 60 minutes, unless patrons can escape sooner. The company suggests planning on a total of 75 minutes so they can go over the rules beforehand and take pictures afterwards. While patrons might be encouraged to imagine themselves locked in to help the air of suspense, the door to the room will be unlocked so visitors can leave in an emergency.
The company says on their website that none of their rooms are particularly “scary” but children ages 8 to 16 require at least one adult chaperone with them at all times. Children under 8 are not permitted unless the group books an entire room, buying all the spots.
The St. Charles location hosts a large parking lot for visitors to use, while the St. Louis Location uses the Mansion House parking garage located on 440 N. 4th St. Ste 290. Drivers can use cash, credit or debit upon exiting the garage. There is also parking with The Gentry’s Landing entrance on 400 N. 4th St.
No matter what scenario you choose to take part of, be it jewel theft or escaping from a madman’s lair, Mastermind Room Escape proves to be a challenging and enjoyable experience for adventure and puzzle lovers everywhere.