The health and foster placement of the animals rescued from Swedeborg has been keeping PCHS busy

Pulaski County Humane Society spent much of Tuesday finding out how big the mountain will be for them to deal with the 30 plus animals that came into their care after a hoarding situation was discovered at a residence in the Swedeborg area.

"Tuesday was a very long day for all rescuers involved," Kim Fuhr, PCHS animal welfare coordinator for situations like this one, told the Daily Guide.

Fuhr said the dogs were constantly being walked, watered, and cleaned up after as the organization began the process of getting them evaluated by a veterinarian.

"It took a little over four hours to run through all of the dogs and have them examined, vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas and ticks, and receive specific instructions for those that are at risk," Fuhr said.

After evaluation by a veterinarian, it was discovered that five of the 29 dogs given into the Pulaski County Humane Society's care are suffering the effects of dehydration and extremely low body weight. Due to this, "they will be monitored and treated carefully," according to Fuhr.

One such case, was Cricket, the dog featured on the front page of Wednesday's Daily Guide. Fuhr said Cricket is a female who seems to be approximately one-year-old and weighs 35 lbs. She was found outside the residence, in a crate that was too small for her and the crate was wired shut.

"There were no bowls in there for food or water and no way that someone could access the crate easily to give her anything," Fuhr said.

According to PCHS, it's believed that the animals were left on their own at the residence for at least two weeks before they were rescued.

"Several have various skin conditions and have injuries such as a cut off tail and a broken leg. At this point 12 have been placed in foster homes or at loving Paws adoption center," Fuhr said.

Originally, PCHS had hoped to be able to call in the Humane Society of Missouri to help. However, as the case is still under investigation and Pulaski County Prosecutor Kevin Hillman plans to prosecute, the animals must remain in Pulaski County, in PCHS custody. No arrests have been made as of press time.

The Daily Guide stopped in at the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Thursday morning to enquire about arrests and was told by office personnel that the individuals suspected of living in the home had not been located yet.

"We are so happy with how the community has stepped up and offered to foster. We hope that all of the animals will soon be placed. Keep in mind that this could be long-term as it is pending legal action," Fuhr said.

The Daily Guide's popular humor columnist, Jennifer Bressner, offered up her family as a foster family for Daphne, one of the rescued dogs that was inside the residence, and has been chronicling her struggle to get her clean on her personal Facebook page.

Bressner reached out to her friends Wednesday morning, "Help! I need some tips for bathing this doggie. She smells.... like death, cigarettes, urine and feces. I'm not exaggerating; second bath now and it's still super intense. So far I've mixed baking soda in dawn and tried a horse shampoo. We are two baths deep now. Also, she is badly discolored!"

After various suggestions from friends, Bressner tried tooth paste, hydrogen peroxide, Dawn, hydrating horse shampoo, vinegar and baking soda. She reports that Daphne's coat is still stained and "stinky," but much improved.

Bressner told the Daily Guide, Thursday, that Daphne is "wonderful" and she was getting "attached," so it would be hard to let her go when it's time for her to be adopted.

"Pulaski County Humane Society covers all of the expenses on the animals (in foster care). Because of this, we are still seeking donations to help with current and future care," Fuhr said.

The organization has an account with Cross Creek Animal Hospital in Waynesville that people who are interested in donating to help cover veterinary bills can donate money to. The account is called PCHS/Swedeborg and Cross Creek Animal Hospital is located at 1135 Rt. 66, Waynesville, Mo. Individuals who would like to donate via a credit card can call Cross Creek at 573-774-3337 or visit and donate online.

PCHS also has wishlists set up at Amazon and Walmart online for items they need such as Pedigree brand dog food for puppies through aging adult dogs. Fuhr told the Daily Guide that the organization wants to keep the dogs on that particular brand of dog food as they are dealing with malnourished, dehydrated dogs, that have not been well taken care of because changing food types can cause issues as they get healthy.

Also on the immediate need list for the rescued animals are items such as bleach, laundry detergent, and Pet Armor, an off-brand flea and tick treatment that is available over-the-counter at Walmart.

PCHS is still in need of foster families for some of the dogs and the community is encouraged to visit to download a foster application.