Several WHS students began their Spring Break by participating in the District Music Festival at Lebanon on March 17.  From the district’s 39 entries,18 received a “I” rating.  A “I” rating is the highest rating.
Students receiving a “I” rating were:
Mixed Woodwind Quartet - Ezechiel Daos, Dominique Darville, Katie Blau, and
Dominic Williams

Katie Staats - Vocal solo
Katie Blau - Vocal solo
Caitlin Banks - Flute solo
Monica Daos - Vocal solo
Jonathan Gerspach - Vocal solo
Rachel Slabaugh - Bari Sax solo
Marcus Collishaw - Tuba solo

Mixed Brass Quintet - LaTrisha Ford, Kyrien Edwards, Jordan Rivera, Ladarion    
Hardison, Marcus Collishaw

Ezechiel Daos - Vocal solo
Kyrien Edwards - Trumpet solo  
Kekona Asi - Vocal solo
Michelle Swink - Clarinet solo
Katie Blau - Bass Clarinet solo
Jade Brazzel - Oboe solo
Brayden Stanton - Vocal solo
Esteban Valentin-Martinez - Vocal solo
Ezechiel Daos - Flute solo

These students will now compete at the State Music Festival on April 28.  Helping them prepare for state are Chelsea Handley, Whitney Martin, Michael Perrine, Jared Sabatasso, Nathan Schaefferkoetter, and Jim Stockmann.