St. Baldrick's Waynseville raised more than they planned at Rock the Bald.

St. Baldrick’s Waynesville organization held its first ever Rock the Bald Saturday and can call it a great success. The organization’s original goal was to raise $10,000 and reported, on their Facebook page, that they expect to be close to $19,000 after all of the checks clear.
The event was held in Waynesville City Park around the Roubidoux Stage. Bands rocked out on the stage while activities, silent auction, food, and the shave-a-thon took place on the park grounds.
The bands that entertained the crowd included Failing Minnesota, Madora, Bad News Band and Kricket Alley.
The line for the shave-a-thon stayed full while the Daily Guide was on hand to observe. According to St. Baldrick’s Paynesville, 73 people got their heads shaved and “14 of those were women.”
The St. Robert Fire Department stepped up to the plate and rocked the bald. Six department members got their heads shaved at the event to support children fighting childhood cancers.
Also on hand during the event were organizations such as the Pulaski Fine Arts Association, who were painting faces, and the Girl Adored Princesses, who were entertaining children with balloons and posing for photos.
St. Baldrick’s Paynesville has left their fundraising web page up in the hopes of continuing to raise money for childhood cancer research. Donations can be made by visiting it at and clicking on donate.