The Board of Aldermen met to discuss and approve a myriad of ordinances. Mayor Geoarge Lauritson, Alderman Charles Slider, Alderman Linda Daniels, Alderman Todd Williams, Alderman Michael Myers, and Alderman John Moore were present. Alderman Cook, Alderman Reggie Hall and Alderman Allan Johannsen were absent.  
The May 2nd meeting minutes and payment of bills were approved. Daniels read the Treasurer's report.
Ordinance Number 3079 for the final plat of Highland Park, Zone R-3 was approved. Also approved were bids for improvements on the Superior Road Water System.
Memorial Day Ceremonies: On May 29th, there will be three separate Memorial Day ceremonies in the area. The first is 8:30 a.m. at the Fort Leonard Wood Post Cemetery, the 2nd ceremony is 10:30 at the Sunset Memorial Cemetery, the third takes place at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery at 1 p.m.
Section Updates: Transfer Station: The transfer station will have a special collection day for electronics and appliances on Saturday, August. 26. From 7am to 1pm Residents can turn items in before Aug 26, but this date has been set aside as a city wide collection day
Public Works: According to the report concerning Public Works, flood recovery on the treatment plant is going well.  Everything was under water and many of the major parts had to be replaced or traded out. It was reported that all the repairs on the plant should be done by next week.
Here are three more things you should know from the meeting:

1. Laclede Electric Board recognized
In December 2016, the Board passed an ordinance approving a zero percent interest land development loan from Laclede Electric for construction of the new firehouse. The loan has been paid off and the Board recognized and thanked Laclede Electric Board for the loan of $600,000. An open house for the firehouse is tentatively scheduled for June.

2. Superior Road water system improvements         
An ordinance accepting the bid of Smith and Edwards Construction, Inc. for tank and well site construction for Superior Road water system improvement was approved.
An ordinance approving the bid of Caldwell Tanks, Inc. for composite tank for Superior Road water system improvement was approved
An ordinance accepting the bid of Donald Maggi Inc. was also approved for Water Distribution Main for Superior Road water system improvement.
Robert Conway, Engineering Project Manager, reviewed all bids with Lauritson and Steve Long, Publics Works Director, recommending the best and most cost effective for the work on Superior Road.

3. New vehicles for Public Works Department
The Board approved two ordinances approving the purchase of two new vehicles for the Public Works Department. A 2017 Tandem Axle Dump Truck is going to the Street Department and a 2017 Ford F550 Service Body and Crane Truck will be used by the Water Department. Immediate delivery is expected on the dump truck and delivery on the Ford is expected in four to six weeks. Steve Long, Director of Public Works said the vehicles being replaced were beyond their shelf life and repairs would be costly, if the city continued using the older vehicles.