The Crocker Board of Aldermen met in a regular meeting Tuesday. Topics of discussion for the meeting were repair to the gazebo in the park, fireworks rules and times, the recent fishing derby, employees of public works helping FFA members patch out, FFA members will be donating community service time, Railroad days and movie in the park.

In attendance were Aldermen Denise York, Ward 2, Ashley Burton, Ward 2, Jeff Curry, Ward 1, Lorie Layman, Ward 1 and Mayor  Glen Smith. Special reports were given by Nick Pappas, police chief, Tom Weibles, park board president and Don Theberge, public works.  Here are three things you should know from the City's Board of Aldermen meeting:

Repair to Gazebo and times fireworks are permitted.
1.    The chamber of commerce will be paying for and doing repairs to the gazebo in the park. Repairs will include: a metal roof, replace boards, add hand rails, paint and plant flowers.
            Fireworks will be permitted Friday, June 30th to Tuesday, July 4th from             9am to 10pm.   
FFA community service
2. . The employees of Public Works assisted members in the FFA in earning a patch. The FFA will be donating 700 hours of community service. They have already started making repairs to the walking path in the park.

Railroad Days and movie in the park
3.  There will be a three legged race, sack race and pie in the face contest at Railroad days. The pie in the face contest will be based on donations. Whoever gets the most people to donate for them to get a pie in their face will be the winner, earning the honor of the pie in the face. If they are willing to match the amount of the donation, they can choose another person to get a pie in the face. There will also be an old time photo booth and concerts. There will be a movie in the park. The date is to be announced. The movie will be Planet 51.