The regular city council meeting for Waynesville was held Thursday night where the flood recovery was discusses, as well as a number of other items.

After meeting in closed session to discuss real estate, personnel, and legal issues, the meeting was open to the public.  Present were Councilman Sheryl Folkert, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Alan Clark, Councilman Mike Curtis, Mayor Luge Hardman, Councilman  Clarence Liberty ,Councilman Ed Conley and Councilman Michael France.  Councilman Jerry Brown was not present.    Meeting minutes from May 17 approved and the payment of bills and agenda were approved.

Before coming to the council meeting, Hardman met the 23 Cherokee bike riders as they arrived in Waynesville at 4:20pm.   Hardman said they were thrilled to be in Waynesville.  

Department Updates:

Bruce Harrill, City Administrator:  Flood Repair Update: City crews have been working on repairing the flood damage. Repairs have been made in the city park, RV park and city streets.

Councilmen Mike Curtis provided the update for the Park Board.:  Baseball season is going on,  the Splash Park is now open, and the ASYMCA camps are going in full force.

Three more things you should know from the Waynesville City Council

1.Waynesville-St Robert Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Club Day

Friday was proclaimed by Hardman as a day to thank the Ambassadors for their service to the community.  The Ambassadors promote the Waynesville St. Robert Chamber of Commerce by officially welcoming and greeting special guests, speakers, and business men and women to the area. Kate Thomas, Administrative Assistant for the Chamber, accepted the proclamation on behalf of the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce.

2.  Ordinances approved to support growth

Ordinance 2265 approved to support growth in Pulaski county

This ordinance  authorizes the mayor to execute a memorandum of agreement with Pulaski County Growth Alliance (PCGA).

The agreement recognizes joint efforts between Waynesville and PCGA to support economic growth in Pulaski county and the city of Waynesville. The city has agreed to pay PCGA $5,000 annually, for 2 years, so that PCGA has an adequate budget to employ staff and implement programs and projects.  

Some of the responsibilities of PCGA  will include working with existing business to ensure retention and recruiting new industries compatible with existing industry,

Ordinance 2266 approved to support growth on Fort Leonard Wood.

This agreement recognizes the joint efforts between Waynesville and Sustainable Ozark Partnership (SOP) to support “the current status and growth of Fort Leonard Wood.” The agreement is for three years.  During this time, to assist with matching funds for grant applications, the city will donate a minimum of $25,000.00 per year for three years to ensure that SOP will have an adequate budget to employ staff and support its programs.

One of the responsibilities of the SOP will be to improve the quality of life and business climate in the area.  

3.Ordinance 2264 approved for purchase of Dyer Street property.

Property to be purchased is adjacent to the Dyer st. Bridge, next to Mitchell Creek  Past floods have caused the property to be unuseable by its current owners. The city plans to increase the base of the Dyer Street Bridge with the purchase of this property.