With kitten season in full swing and an increase in the number of injured and stray cats coming to Kitten Division, Kitten Division needs the continued support of our community.

    Volunteering, fundraising and donations are some of the ways our community can support the Kitten Division Adoption Center. 

    Kitten Division’s relocation at 996c Missouri Ave last July made kitten division more visible to the public.  Adoptions increased but so did the intake of strays. injured cats, and kittens.

    With the increase in numbers, came the need for more volunteers and donations. 

    Founder Barbara Freeman started Kitten Division in 2012 because there was no place for stray and injured cats to go.  Freeman stated, “There was a real need for assistance for cats in the area. There really weren’t any good resources for cats in the area so that’s how Kitten Division got  started.”

    Until the move, Founder Freeman said, “ Some people weren’t even aware that kitten division existed.  They didn’t know what we did.”

     Kitten Division was located in Dixon until 2016.  In July of 2016, Kitten division relocated to its current location on Missouri Avenue.

    KItten division is the only no kill, completely run by volunteer, non profit organization in 

Pulaski County.  

    Kitten Division relies totally on donations to cover all their expenses and needs.

   The monetary donations go toward vet bills, rent, office supplies, electricity,  maintenance of the facility, cat food, litter, and other incidentals.

     Before being cleared  for adoption, each cat or kitten that comes to kitten division is  spayed/neutered, receivers age-appropriate core vaccinations, is tested for FIV/FeLV( feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and  feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and microchipped.  

    In an effort to prevent feral cats from continuing to populate the area, kitten division participates in Trap-neuter-return (TNR).  Through  TNR feral cats

(cats unaccustomed to human interaction))  are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found

    This action prevents these cats from repopulating the area with kittens. Since moving to the new location in July 2016, 175  feral cats have been trapped,neutered, and-returned. (TNR) 

     Food donations are used to feed all the hungry cats and kittens.

     Kitten Division regularly posts what is needed on the kitten division facebook page.  The community can support kitten division by checking the facebook page to see what is currently needed.

    Kitten Division is open everyday from 2pm to 6pm, but the work at kitten division begins long before the doors are open to the public.

    Volunteers feed the cats, provide fresh water and clean the litter boxes.  Sometimes there are vet appointments or phone calls about stray or injured cats. Before opening volunteers recheck the litter boxes and water and spend some time loving on the cats and kittens. 

    After a busy afternoon with visitors it's time to repeat the morning routine.

    The community can support Kitten Division by volunteering. There is no typical day at Kitten Division  All types of volunteers are needed from handyman and drivers to transport cats to vet appointments, to volunteers to feed, clean litter boxes and play with the cats and kittens.  Ten minutes or all day, the cats and other volunteers would love to see you.

    The Daily Guide asked some of the volunteers why they volunteer and their answers were as different as the cats up for adoption at Kitten Division.

    One answered because my daughter likes cats and  at the time we didn't have a cat and another said because she knows kitten division needs the help.

    Freeman said, “ The outpouring of support we have received, from over 100 cats being adopted so far this summer to the amazingly generous amount of food that was donated after we let you know our cupboards were bare, has left us speechless with gratitude.

    She continued, “The vet bill at Best Friends Animal Hospital has come due, and it is in the thousands. Being an all volunteer organization who receives no funding of any kind, means our bank account is usually running on fumes. Any donation you could give us, no matter how big or small, would make a world of difference in our being able to continue caring for the cats of Pulaski County.  We can't do it without you.”

    The possibilities to volunteer and support kitten division are endless.   To find your niche stop by Kitten Division at 996c Missouri Avenue or call (573) 336-3939 and speak with Barbara Freeman.