Individuals visiting Fort Leonard Wood won't have to show two forms of ID anymore, thanks to some changes.

Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs released a statement Tuesday morning announcing that enforcement of the REAL ID Act would no longer be in effect.

"According to the Department of Homeland Security, no U.S. states or territories are currently subject to REAL ID Act enforcement," the press release stated.

The announcement comes not long after Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed a bill allowing Missourians to have a choice when it comes to REAL ID. Under the new law, Missourians can choose to be REAL ID compliant.

Local Rep. Steve Lynch, a co-sponsor of the choice bill and representative for the area around Fort Leonard Wood, was a champion of gaining choice in the REAL ID debate because of the complaints he was hearing from individuals about difficulties getting on and off of Fort Leonard Wood.

Lynch told the Daily Guide, just after the bill was signed into law, that the bill had been difficult to get “to the floor,” but had “very good bipartisan votes” when it finally made it to a vote.

“It was difficult to get it passed because of the privacy rights issue as well as the states’ rights issue,” Lynch told the Daily Guide in the interview conducted at the time.

The law doesn’t go into effect until August 28, 2017, but Missourians will have to wait to get their new Real ID compliant driver’s licenses until the system is created. However, it appears that Homeland Security has extended a waiver to Missouri in light of the announcement from Fort Leonard Wood.

The announcement from Fort Leonard Wood, Tuesday, means, according to the press release, that anyone who visits Fort Leonard Wood "will no longer have to present a second form of identification along with their driver's license to gain access to the installation."

"Extensions have been granted for 30 states and territories, including Missouri. The extension allows for federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from these states and U.S. territories at federal facilities and nuclear power plants until Oct. 10, 2017," Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs said in their statement.

All other rules for visiting the installation are still in effect. Visitors still have to have a current driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration before they can drive onto the base.

Additionally, all visitors without a Department of Defense ID card still have to have a background check.

"For information on REAL ID enforcement or to find out when a state or territory's extension is scheduled to expire, visit," the press release advised.