The St. Robert Board of Aldermen held a regular meeting, Tuesday night, to discuss city business. Topics of discussion for the meeting included approval of a water connection, approval of Paradise Pit's liquor license, approval to hire on an additional officer and public works responding in a timely manner to a resident’s urgent need.

In attendance at the meeting were Mayor George A. Lauritson, Alderman Charles V. Slider Jr., Alderman Linda Daniels, Alderman Johannsen, Alderman Myers, Alderman Moore, Alderman Reggie Hall and Alderman Todd Williams. Here are three things you should know from the City's Board of Aldermen meeting:

Approval of water connection

The water connection between Fort Leonard Wood and St. Robert was approved. The project has an estimated cost of $70,000. A grant will pay for $500,000 of the cost. It was mentioned that the approved project will aid in better fire flow and will aid in the fighting of fire emergency.

Cops grant

2. . It was approved to add one more officer to the St. Robert police force. The Cops grant will pay a decreasing percentage each year to help pay for the cost. The percentage paid by the city of St. Robert will be 15 percent the first year, 25 percent the second year and 60 percent the third year.

Public works praised

3.  Sunday night public works was called to a residence. They arrived in 15 to 20 minutes. There was sewage found in the basement. The crew found a clog created by tree roots and debris. The matter was handled within a matter of hours. Alderman Slider praised the crew on their fine work.