Waynesville students' success with advanced placement classes and scores has earned them some national recognition.

Waynesville R-VI’s high-performing students have again garnered national attention – most recently during the Military Impacted Schools Association’s Annual Summer Meeting on June 27.

Marcus Lingenfelter, NMSI’s senior vice president, and Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent, served as keynote speakers during MISA, sharing information about the Waynesville’s AP success through the National Math + Science Initiative’s (NMSI) program.

Beyond its continuous growth in student learning and annual performance scores, the Waynesville R-VI School District is the national leader in growth in AP math/science/English Qualifying Scores at Army-affiliated schools across the country.

“Our outstanding students, their families and our teachers have worked hard to achieve these results and their success is being noticed across the country,” Henry said. “The Army considers the quality of education that is offered locally in its decisions and this national attention is a big plus for our community.”

Earlier in June, Henry represented the Waynesville R-VI School District as a member of a panel for the Building the Next Great American Defense Community discussion during the Defense Communities National Summit.