The library district is saying goodbye to the summer reading program for another year.

This time of year is always a little bittersweet. We have such a good time facilitating the Summer Reading Program every year, it’s sad to see it end. This year, our librarians, sponsors, parents, and participants put in a ton of work to make the Program a success and we’ve had a great time!

Our theme for the year was Build a Better World! Once again, Wild Heart kicked us off with an energetic program about different kinds of animals and the worlds they help build. Then, we welcomed OMGosh Josh! for a fun blend of comedy, magic, and wacky storytelling. Diana Rockwell came and shared her ventriloquist doll who wanted to build a house out of toothpicks and candy (that didn’t end well). We also welcomed Ronald McDonald, whose jokes had the kids rolling in the aisles and who gave each child in attendance a special red clown nose of their very own. This week, we had our last big hurrah with the Robotics team from the Kaleidoscope in Rolla who came to the Crocker and Waynesville Libraries to share their robots and robotics expertise with our patrons. We had a packed house, and even an air conditioner malfunction couldn’t deter our patrons who are always eager to learn!

While the performers are great, what really thrills me is that we had over 100 children reach their reading goals this summer! We also had dozens of teens who finished, with greater teen participation than we’ve seen in previous years. Great job, teens! In Crocker, our teen readers also completed engineering challenges and continue to volunteer and plan events at the library. They are a great group of future leaders!

So, yes, the end of Summer Reading is always a little bittersweet. But we want to say an enormous Thank You! to all of the librarians, patrons, sponsors, parents, children, and teens for helping us Build a Better World at our Pulaski County Library District.

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