Tuesday night was a popular night at the Richland Board of Aldermen meeting. Ronda Workman-Massey, Aldermen Ward I, was not in attendance. The council gave a representative from Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop (PCSW) five minutes to speak about housing and raising chickens on the Workshop’s property.
“We are simply asking for our forty-five disabled employees to be heard.” Lacie Karr, the Sheltered Workshop’s General Manager, stated at the meeting.
The Board also approved of changing the time of city board meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday nights.
Three other things you should know from the Board of Aldermen meeting are:
    1.    Approval to fly radio-controlled model airplanes at the airport

Richard Laird with the rest of the Air Field hopes to “put on an air show and maybe get people from surrounding communities to come in and take part.”
    2.    Approval to add sidewalks

The Richland Community Development Corporation (RCDC) presented the Board with concerns Richland residents have. RCDC learned about these concerns through a ten-question survey.
    3.    Report from the park board

The city park board reviewed the various events that took place since the last Board meeting. Events included a tractor pull, firework celebration, and a drive-in movie. “It was one of the best shows we’ve seen in a long time,” Mayor Eldon Haun stated about the firework show.