Residents will have the opportunity to celebrate women and mothers at this year's Mama Fest, taking place this Saturday, August 5 at the Columbia College location in Rolla. The event coincides with the Phelps-Maries County Health Department's Breastfeeding Walk, raising awareness and support for local mothers.


The event began six years ago, spearheaded by a group known as the Rolla Birth Network. Today the even is organized by Summer Thorp-Lancaster and her company, Summer Birth Services.
“We wanted to have something that celebrated women and mothers,” Summer said. “We wanted an event where they could come together.” Summer said this year she is especially excited about partnering with the health department and Columbia College to enhance the experience for those involved.
“I think we are able to reach out to more families and provide resources,” she said.


One of the key points of Mama Fest is to show women and mothers in the area everything that is available to them. Unlike many fairs and festivals, the booths and tables at Mama Fest are required to have a hands-on activity for attendees to take part in. Rather than simply looking at different vendors, the event gives others a chance to actively engage with what’s going on around them.
“The goal of this is to see what’s out there and get to know your community,” said Summer.

In addition to the different activities set up for people to enjoy, entertainment such as the Stonecrest Dance Center and a LuLaRoe fashion show will take place as well. And different food vendors such as The Bus Stop and the Route 66 Bistro.
Prior to the festivities of Mama Fest, the second annual Breastfeeding Walk will take place, sponsored by the Phelps-Maries County Health Department. Residents can walk a mile around Blue’s Lake to support breastfeeding in the community.

The Breastfeeding walk will also have door prizes and t-shirts for those who take part. Interested walkers can register in advance by contactng Julie Thorpe at or in person the day of the event.


Even though the event takes place in Rolla, Summer said she would love to see people from the surrounding communities come out to show their support and connect with other women and mothers while celebrating everything that makes them special.

Event details
when Saturday, August 5

where Columbia College in Rolla

Time  11 a.m to 5 p,m.

Cost  Free

Additional information