Isabel Trower, of Waynesville, is set to be on Broadway in New York next month. No, she's not performing, but her photograph has been chosen one of the ones to be used in the National Down Syndrome Society's annual Times Square video presentation.

The video will kick off Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Isabel's photo was one of over 2,000 submitted photos chosen to help promote awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for individuals with Down Syndrome. Ultimately, 500 photos were chosen to be a part of the video.

According to a press release about Isabel's participation in the video, the video will be shown just before the 23rd Annual Flagship Buddy Walk in New York City. The Buddy Walk began in 1995 as a way to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

The photo was taken by local photography studio, Bondoni Photography, when the studio held donated photo shoots for individuals with Down Syndrome in October of last year to promote National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

The Daily Guide sat down with Isabel and her mother, Connie Trower, sister, Truman Trower, and father, Terry Trower, Monday morning to chat about Isabel being chosen. It turns out that this is the fifth time Isabel's photo has been chosen to be featured, according to Connie.

The family won't be making a trip to New York for the Buddy Walk because Connie said it just isn't feasible with school and work commitments for the family, but they have participated in other Buddy walks closer to home such as Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

Isabel told the Daily Guide that her favorite was the one in Kansas City at the football stadium. During that Buddy Walk her family got to meet the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders.

When asked what she has been up to this summer, Isabel said she had been practicing for cheerleading because she'll be a Waynesville Tiger Cheerleader this year as a freshman in Waynesville High School. She said her favorite thing about cheerleading is learning the cheers.

Connie told the Daily Guide how impressed she was with how hard the cheerleaders workout and practice every day.

The Daily Guide asked Isabel what she wanted people to know about her and Isabel said, "I'm unique and beautiful."

Her classmates thought so too, according to Truman and Connie. They told the Daily Guide that Isabel had been honored through a program at the Waynesville Middle School called Dude Be Nice, where she was chosen as an example of how nice an individual should be. Students and teachers made a video discussing the things they like about Isabel and she was awarded a Tiara, a bouquet of flowers, and a scepter at an assembly.

Isabel told the Daily Guide that she hopes to be an artist some day because she enjoys painting, drawing, and coloring, but is a little nervous about attending high school this fall. She is, however, looking forward to cheering the Waynesville Tigers as a cheerleader.

Isabel comes from a close, local family and is also the granddaughter of Jim and Charlas Bales, of Waynesville, and Deloris Trower, of Richland.