Waynesville High School hosted the freshmen orientation to help students start their high school experience off right on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017.

Freshmen Alyssa Pearson said, “I decided to come to the orientation today to view the school and make new friends.”

Freshmen mentors cheered each student on while leading them to superman Ryan Moran who was the motivational speaker. Moran taught the students about POSSE: Be Positive, Open, Sincere, have Spirit, and don’t Exclude people.

 “Amazing things happen when you all work together,” Moran said after he got each student section to participate in making a sound and together they created music with the help of his beat boxing. Beatboxing is when a human mimics the sound of drums or drum machines.

New student Dylan Eyre said,  “What I learned from the guest speaker is you can make anything possible.”

Also lillian Kaolowi said, “I learned not to care what people think from his superman story.”

The superman story was an anecdote about Moran’s failed attempt to impress people in his junior high PE class.  The point of the story was to take what was a negative – falling from a climbing rope – and choosing to make it a positive experience.

“There are worse things than being called Superman,” said Moran.