Pulaski County Sewer District held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of the Weeks Hollow Waste Water Treatment Facility on Tuesday, August 15. Representatives from the Waynesville and St. Robert Area Chamber of Commerce joined the sewer district to help acknowledge the district’s diligence in preserving water resources.

Gary Porter, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Pulaski County Sewer District #1, held the ceremonial scissors and welcomed everyone to the newly completed facility.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the support the board has given us,” Porter said. “It’s been a tough journey, but it’s done and we are proud of it.”

Porter explained the project has been in the works for well over ten years, and has hit a number of roadblocks before reaching where it is today. The construction of the Hollow Weeks Hollow facility was obstructed on a number of fronts, according to Porter, including a moving flood plane, an archeological study, and the finances needed to make it happen. Porter did add that due to the amount of attention spent on these details, approximately a million dollars were saved.

“This board was dedicated,” Porter said.

Despite yesterday being the official ribbon cutting the facility opened in January and has been operating since this past March, treating the waste water for it’s coverage area. Now that the facility is fully constructed, Porter said it has room to grow further, potentially adding to itself in the future. As of now the facility handles the treatment for the rural St. Robert and rural Waynesville area, according to Operations Manager Zach Shepherd.

Before a tour of the facility was given to attendees, Gary Porter once again thanked everyone for their support and expressed his appreciation for the completion of the project.

“It hasn’t been pleasant all the time…but we were all working for the same thing and that is pure water,” he said. Porter stressed that the new plant not only meets all the assigned requirements, but has the capability to handle any requirements set in the future.

With the facility officially opened Porter expressed his admiration and thanks to the sewer district.

“I’m proud of this district…” Porter said. “We have some of the best employees and the best staff. We are one of the best run districts in the state.”