Topics at Richland's regular Board of Aldermen meeting included RCDC's sidewalk project, the airport, and accepting a new Housing Authority Board member.

Alderman of Ward I, Roy Holler, sat in for Mayor Eldon Haun at the Richland Board of Alderman meeting Tuesday, August 15. The meeting started at 6 o’clock which caused confusion among the Board and its visitors.

Three things that would be good to know from the Richland Board of Aldermen meeting are:

1. Approval that Richland act as the Local Public Agency (LPA) for Richland Community Development Corporation’s (RCDC) sidewalk project

RCDC is applying for a Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) Grant to undergo a sidewalk connectivity plan. In order to apply for the grant, however, RCDC needs an acting LPA.  Cindy Payne, RCDC President, suggested to the Board that the city of Richland be that agency. The Board of Aldermen approved.

2. Update on airport project
The airport runway project will be done Monday, Aug. 21, according to City Administrator Greg Stratman. “After Monday please go out there and see the new, slick airport. It’s going to be real nice,” Stratman commented at the Board meeting.

3. Accept Doug Oursbourn’s resignation and Norma Gray’s nomination

Richland Housing Authority Board member Doug Oursbourn stepped down and Norma Gray took his place.