It was all about the 70's in the Shady Dell Park Community Center, in Richland recently, when the alumni from Richland High School's graduating classes from the 1970's got together for a 70's reunion.

The event drew more than 100 former RHS classmates who had graduated from the 1970's and gave them a chance to reminisce about their high school days. Some of the alumni had even attended Laquey Elementary when it was only a K-8 school. At that time, the students that graduated from eighth grade had a choice of attending Richland or Waynesville High Schools.

The day started off with a buffet luncheon and a photo booth set up for participants. Honored were photos and names of former classmates who had passed away, former teachers, and former alumni.

Several games were highlighted in the event. These included "name that tune" and "signs of the 70's" (commercials, tv shows, and slogans from the 70's). Each class earned competition points during the "Battle of the Classes" for these categories and also for highest class attendance and for longest distance traveled.The winning class was 1974. Guest speakers included Marta Halter, Jim Mitchell, and Tim and Beth Hardesty, who were former RHS teachers.

In attendance at the reunion were:

Roy Mitschele

Marion Light

George Adkison

Flora Adkison

Ronnie Powell

Diana Bench York

Dee Cory (was Ellen Carpenter)

Kathleen Warren Brown

James Alexander

Bob Fisher

Jerry Hargett

Irene Hargett

Margie Becker

Gary Wilson

Shirley Shultz Mitschele

Elaine Lercher Curran

Jerry Payne

Bobette Gibson Payne

Shirley Lowe Profest

Barbara Hall White

Marvin Cundiff

Tina Schmidt Powell

Bruce Warren

John Zeigenbein

Terry Jennings

Jim Smith

Mary Lynn Murphy Smith

Greg Dougan

Marta Halter

Lynn Mullins Upton

Brenda Becker Decker

Gene Hobbs

Julie Scheerer

Janice Scheerer

Terri Starmer Mitchell

Dennis Wease

Paul Shelton

Frank Roam

Joyce Zeigenbein Fritts

June Powell Burton

Mike Webster

Rocky Bryant Webster

Angela Boyd Bowling

Shirley Starmer Bolton

Charles Theberge

Karen Landreth Leonard

Bruce Reynolds

Gene Noe

Sonny Coffman

Terry Richardson

Greg Kramer

Michael Theberge

Jimmy Bench

Susie McGuffee Hildebrand

LaVan Ruggles

Carolyn Bowen Ogle

Shirley Carroll Zeigenbein

Julia Davis Vasko

Matt Bedinghaus

Roy Alexander

Dale Pasley

Kim Roam

Diana Hicks

Karen Foster West

Ricky Brashear

Debbie Payne Fowler

Larry Baranowski

Brenda Brashear Hamlin

Steve Harrison

Marilyn Pemberton Harrison

David Miller

Terry Mitschele

Dian Boren Mitschele

Beth Barns Bedinghaus

Tammy Demott Reynolds

Pam Coffman Feagans

Sherry Roam Struckhoff

Carol Light

Becki Long Ruggles

Lisa York Tallant

Janet Fowler Walker

Marion Fielder Dennis

Lillian Miller Thomas

Barton Warren

Barbara Warren

Jackie Payne Rice

Mitzi Bohannon Scott

Janet Hicks

Sherry Pyles Terrien

Kenny Brown

Claudia Davis Nelson

Claduette Davis Gormley

Arthur Gormley

Debbie Murray Anton

William Lonanecker

Don Schutt

Pam Owen Clark

Lisa Lundh Burns

Harold Sears

Judy Starks

Kelly Starks

Raymond Powell