The Daily Guide recently announced Brian Burton will be the new regional general manager for the Daily Guide print and multi-media properties, as well as the Rolla Daily News.

Brian is a native of Bethany, Mo. with publishing experience. His father was a minister during his childhood, so the Burton family traveled much of the state of Missouri. He attended high school in Fulton and Central Bible College in Springfield where he majored in pastoral studies with a minor in music.

“I was a youth pastor (in north Missouri) for four years, an associate pastor for another four and a senior pastor in two different churches for seven years,” said Burton.

Growing up, the Burton family was musical, so weekends were also spent on the gospel singing circuit in the Midwest, with Brian adding guitar and keyboards to the vocal mix.

They were also an 18-wheeler trucking family.

“When we were old enough, we were riding in and driving semis before we could reach the pedals—all of us would get our CDLs (commercial driving license) and I would ‘ride team’ going back and forth to California,” said Burton. “I realized it wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted.”

Burton wanted to spread his wings and try something different outside of the pulpit and congregations and got into the weekly shopper business. That’s where the advertising bug bit him. He was fascinated by the psychology of ad layouts and the messaging that would yield a customer response. So there was his thumbprint at the Liberty Courier Tribune, the Miami County Republic in Lewisburg, Kan., the St. Joseph News Press (where he was the training manager for both print and digital advertising) and the Warrensburg Star Journal, as ad director.

“I’m privileged to become part of the heritage of the Rolla Daily News and the Daily Guide,” said Burton. “The Sowers family had such a wonderful relationship with this community for so many years. Those are big shoes to fill, but I hope to re-establish that kind of connection. I'm just a Missouri country boy that has worked hard to get here and thoroughly enjoys what I do.”

He says understanding the needs and challenges of local businesses is the only way a print and digital medium can be an asset to a business owner and their employees, in the effort to grow their businesses.

“Trust has a lot to do with who you do business with,” he says. “I am that way when I am the consumer too, so I expect nothing less of our news organization that has been a long-time part of this community.”

Burton will continue to work with editorial to target local news to the betterment of both the Rolla and Daily Guide properties, as well as the surrounding communities.

“This area appears to be ready to grow again and I'm excited about the opportunity to be a part of it,” he added, but being part of a long standing, local newspaper has many advantages and challenges.

“Being able to use the resources of a large company is a tremendous advantage for this local newspaper,” said Burton.

“Tapping into the additional digital tools and increased collaboration is an asset. We've been here for over three generations I believe, and we're poised for a very promising future.”

Burton wants to know the community as quickly as possible and invites the county’s residents to stop in, e-mail or call him (573-364-2468) to say hello.