It was a historic day in the U.S. Monday thanks to the total eclipse of the sun. Pulaski County didn't see a total eclipse, it was 0.99 magnitude, according to information for Fort Leonard Wood at Close, but no cigar.

However, area schools such as Dixon High School, Laquey Middle School, and all of Waynesville School District’s Schools used the event as a learning opportunity for their students.

The Daily Guide talked with Mrs. Rhynalds, a first grade teacher at Wood Elementary School, about the lesson plan her class was using for the eclipse and the Facebook Live video of that chat is available at

Rhynolds class added paper plates around their eclipse glasses to add another safety feature to the glasses and had some activities built around the viewing of the eclipse.
One of the activities included using sandwich cookies to describe the way that the eclipse looked at various times.

Students were allowed to be outside, wearing their eclipse glasses to observe the event.
There was also the occasional teacher or student with a pin-hole projector, or variations of one to observe the eclipse. Photos by Natalie Sanders, Marianne Ward, Allen Hilliard, and Will Coyne