Thomas Soles, 40, of Dixon has been charged with two counts in relation to a domestic violence case involving at least one minor child.

According to court documents, the charges are one count of Domestic Assault in the third degree, a class E felony, and one count of Abuse or Neglect of a Child, a class D felony.

The investigating officer wrote in the probable cause statement that he was called out to Soles' residence after getting into a "physical altercation" with two females living in the home.

Soles, according to the probable cause statement, told the officer that the females "would threaten suicide in order to get what they wanted and he was tired of it."

"Mr. Soles stated that he had told the girls that if they wanted to commit suicide, they could drink bleach or cut their femoral artery with a knife. Mr. Soles then stated that the conversation became very heated and he wasn't sure what else had taken place other than that he had thrown the females off of him," the officer stated in the charging document.

The probable cause statement went on to say that the officer spoke to the two alleged female victims, one of which is identified as a minor child in court documents. The female that is not identified as a minor stated, according to the officer's statement, that Soles did explain "how to commit suicide with the knife and bleach."

The female told the officer that she was in fear for her safety, left the residence, and that Soles "had indicated to her that he had killed three people before and wasn't afraid to do it again," according to the charging document.

After allegedly hearing screaming coming from the residence, the female told the officer that she returned to the residence because she "thought Mr. Soles was going to kill her sister." The probable cause statement goes on to report that the female alleged that Soles "grabbed her by the throat and she fell to the ground" allowing her sister to eventually "escape from the residence and run to a neighbor's house."

The female alleged, according to the probable cause statement, that Soles "kicked her in the face" while she was on the ground. The minor child corroborated the female's story, according to the probable cause statement, and said that Soles kicked her in the head "repeatedly."

The minor child said, the officer reported in his statement, that before her sister came in the house, Soles "became very irate with her and got face to face with her while yelling at her." She told the investigating officer that was afraid he was going to hurt her "so she put her hands out to protect herself and put distance between them."

"Mr. Soles then grabbed her hair and pulled it. She stated that she then put her hands on his throat in an effort to defend herself," The officer wrote in the probable cause statement.

The document said that this is the point where the other female came in and had the physical altercation with Soles. The minor said she attempted to help, but Soles "chased her to her bedroom" while she was attempting to get her cell phone. The document goes on to report that Soles allegedly knocked the phone out of her hand and "grabbed her by her hair."

"She stated that he hit her in the face and slammed her head against the wall," The officer wrote.

The officer reported that Soles told him that he had "just snapped" and didn't mean to hurt the girls. The officer noted that the females had "several marks on them," including a bloody lip, as well as marks on one female's face and neck.

Soles has a council status hearing scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 26, and could face up to four years for the domestic violence charge and up to seven years for the child abuse charge. He's being held on a $150,000 bond.