Saturday, September 16th is National Play-Doh Day! Fun, right? Celebrate at the Richland Library with a Play Doh Party from 10:00-12:00.

Make your own play dough and then make stuff with the play dough you just made! There will probably be snacks, too. Can’t make it to the party? Here are some fun and educational Play Doh ideas:

Play Doh is a great sensory learning tool. It can be used to create and learn shapes and help understand basic math concepts like adding, subtracting, and even fractions.

Using Play Doh to create letters is a great way to reinforce alphabet learning and word-building skills, and improve motor skills.

Play Doh comes in a variety of colors that are great for teaching about colors. It’s not so great for teaching about color blending, though!

Try Play Doh charades – Write some words on slips of paper. Take turns drawing a slip of paper and trying to create the word with Play-Doh. It’s a fun way to stretch creativity!

Make your own at home! There are a variety of recipes to be found, so experiment and find your favorite. Ask your local librarian if he or she has a favorite recipe to share!

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