The St. Robert Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, September 19. 

Mayor George Lauritson, Alderman Charles Slider, Alderman Linda Daniels, Alderman Allan Johannsen, Alderman Michael Myers, Alderman John Moore,  Alderman Theresa Cook, and  Alderman Todd Williams were present.  Alderman Reggie Hall was absent. 

    The consent agenda was approved, old and new business was discussed, upcoming committee meetings were scheduled, and departments updated the council. Some of the topics and ordinances  discussed were renewal of workers compensation insurance, request for a liquor licence by Girl Adored, and a due diligence agreement with T. Jarrett, receiver for Ridge Creek Companies.

Reminders from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen: Oct 4 is fall cleanup. Items must be by the curb before 7am.  Information on acceptable items can be found on the website, newsletter, or by calling St Robert City Hall.

As we enter the fall season many events will be occurring: fall cleanup, fall festivals, the field of heroes at George Reed Park, and the Veterans Day parade, just to name a few.  Keep up to date on these and other events by following the City of St. Robert’s facebook page.

Three more things to know from the Board of Aldermen:

Ordinance 3130 approved a workers compensation agreement between St. Robert and Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM).

The City’s workers compensation insurance was renewed with a slight increase in the City’s premium.  Due to the City’s  focus on safety, claims reporting, and efforts to improve safety programs, Bassett Insurance Company plans to work with MEM to lower future premiums. 

Ordinance 3133 approved task work authorization #35 between CM Archer Group, P.C. and  the City of St. Robert. 

CM Archer Group will serve as engineer with the task of assembling information, design improvement, and construction administration for the required improvements for the emergency drinking water interconnection between St. Robert and Fort Leonard Wood.

Ordinance 3134 approved a due diligence agreement with Terry Jarrett, receiver for Ridge Creek companies.

Some of the points covered in the due diligence agreement are:

City of St Robert is strongly considering purchasing the utility, sewer and water from Ridge Creek Development.

There are  testing and penalty  issues with the Department of Natural Resources. ( DNR) 

The city needs to do due diligence ( a process of evaluating a business situation from all aspects before entering into an agreement or contract ) to properly assess the purchase.

To meet DNR standards chlorinators need to be placed.

Ridge Creek does not have the funds to purchase the necessary chlorinators needed to meet testing standards. 

Tyce Smith, City Attorney said he expects Jarrett to go to court on Thursday and file paperwork on the ownership of the utilities. 

A special Board of Aldermen meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening to authorize execution of the due diligence ordinance.