On September 21, the Waynesville City Council convened. After a closed session to discuss real estate, personnel and legal issues, the meeting continued.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Luge Hardman, Councilman Sheryl Folkert, Councilman Jerry Brown, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Clarence Liberty, Councilman Ed Conley, Councilman Michael Curtis,Councilman Mike Francis, Councilman Alan Clark,and Councilman Tim Mann.  Several special guests were present, including Waynesville ‘s very own W.H. Croaker.

    The agenda included a donation to Little Heroes Playground by W.H. Croaker, several proclamations, committee updates, and discussion and approval of ordinances.

     Dr Tina Turner, principal of Richland Elementary and  Doug Smith, Richland School Superintendent came to thank Mayor Hardman and the City of Waynesville for the playground equipment.   Turner and Smith presented the mayor with a photo of the elementary kids and their “ new” playground equipment.

Hardman said that two communities have now benefited from the donations to the Little Hero's playground.

The weather has been good and the Mayor said, “Progress is being made on the construction of the Little Heroes Playground. We don't have an opening date yet.”

Follow the Waynesville City website and facebook page for updates on the playground.

      Suzanne Wilbur, representing Genesis House and Good Samaritan of the Ozarks, was present with Mayor Hardman to issue a proclamation of domestic violence awareness month. October is domestic violence awareness month and Suzanne Wilbur encouraged everyone to  wear purple on Fridays in October to show support for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

     Sep 17 is the 230th  anniversary of the drafting of the constitution of the United States. In recognition of this, Mayor Hardman proclaimed constitution week Sept 17 to 23.  Geni Westling,  representing the Daughters of the American Revolution, was present with Mayor Hardman to sign the proclamation of Constitution Week.

     The City of Waynesville was the recipient of a grant check from Missouri Public Energy Pool.  (MPUA)  The grant money will be used toward the cost of improvements to the city's electric system.

Three more things to know from the Waynesville Council:

Ordinance 2277 was approved.  

This ordinance defines, and sets zoning regulations, conditional use and construction standards for the use of shipping containers in residential and commercial development.  Mr. Harrill had explained to the planning and zoning commission that the purpose of the ordinance is to “establish a certain zoning classification for container homes.”

No parking zone on Viren Lane

Ordinance 2278 establishes a no parking zone on the southeast side of Viren, from the intersection of Viren Lane and Royal Oak to include the cul-de-sac.  Violators will be ticketed.

Agreement for sale of water and wastewater systems

Ordinance 2279 approved an agreement for sale of a water system between Highway H Utilities Inc, Four J land and Cattle Company, and James Laughlin Jr ( all sellers) and the City of Waynesville and Pulaski. County Sewer District #1 ( buyers). The water and wastewater systems include the Northern Heights and High Point systems.