For as far as the eye could see, blue was the dominant color in Waynesville Park Thursday evening.

Thursday evening was the 2nd annual Back the Blue Walk, hosted by Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman.

    The community and representatives from law enforcement agencies came out strong. State Representative Steve Lynch, Waynesville Mayor Hardman, St. Robert Mayor Lauritson, Kevin Hillman, Sheriff Jimmy Bench, Waynesville Chief of Police Chief Cordova, Waynesville City Administrator Bruce Harrill, City Council members, law enforcement officers from all over Pulaski county, teachers, families, business owners, boy scouts, Team Red,White and Blue, the old and the very young, dogs decked out in blue, and many more turned out to show their support for law enforcement officers.


   The  Daily Guide had an opportunity to speak with a few people before the walk.

    The local Mobile gas station assistant manager said she was there because “We (Mobile on the Run)  support our officers.”

     A Crocker law enforcement officer commented that “despite everything going on in the world we need to show people we are not afraid and we need to support our officers, troops and first responders.”  

    Pulaski County Sheriff Jimmy Bench said he was there to “ Solicit support for law enforcement officers, not just here, but everywhere, to make people aware they (law enforcement officers) are a vital part of our community and all surrounding communities. It helps a lot (for law enforcement officers) to have support from the people in their community.”     

    Hillman commented that the walk was to show that Pulaski County supports their local law enforcement and also supports the nationwide efforts of  law enforcement.

   Hardman said, “It is an honor to be here.  We have a great community. A big thanks to law enforcement.  That’s what it’s all about.”

   In Representative Lynch’s  opening prayer he prayed for their (law enforcement officer’s) protection, and prayed for a special blessings on those that are serving.  He prayed to protect the heart and minds of law enforcement officers and to protect their families”.  

    The walk started in Waynesville Park, continued past the old police station, passed the sheriff's office, and the site of new jail and finished back at the park.  

    It was a short walk occurring after a tragic event in our country, and the Pulaski County community came out to show their support and to thank our Pulaski County men and women in blue for their courage, dedication and protection.