The Waynesville Tigers hosted the Kickapoo Chiefs from Springfield Friday night. Both teams battled in a close game till the very end. The Tigers remained close in the game till the fourth quarter when the Kickapoo Chiefs recovered a couple Tiger interceptions and won the game with a final score of 36-20.

The night began at Waynesville High School with the Seniors being honored on the night. Almost thirty tiger players and cheerleader were congratulated for their last season at Waynesville.

The Kickapoo Chiefs began the game with the ball. The first quarter was a great defensive matchup for both teams. The Tigers and Chiefs would trade the ball back and forth as both teams held the ball well. Kickapoo had the ball at the end of the quarter and the score was tied 0-0.

The Kickapoo Chiefs opened the second quarter with the ball and would score a six yard touchdown pass at the 10:30 mark in the Quarter. After that the Chiefs took the game's first lead at 7-0. One minute and thirty seconds later the Waynesville Tigers would have their first score of the game with a fifty five yard touchdown by Shane Butler-Lawson.

The Chiefs would come back to with a thirty yard touchdown pass at the 7:50 mark in the quarter. After the point after kick, the Chiefs were back ahead 14-7. Around three minutes later the tigers scored at Braden Drehle connected to David Adams with a thirty yard touchdown pass. Aaron Choi connected with the extra point and the knotted up the score at fourteen each.

WIth 1:25 left in the half, the Chief added a twenty seven yard field which gave them a Kickapoo a 17-14 lead in the game.

The Tigers would have one more chance to score as they had the ball on the 31 yard line with one second on the clock. Butler-Lawson would be tackled just before for goal line as the Chiefs stop the Tigers on a sixty yard run to end the half. Kickapoo led 17-14 during the half.

The Third quarter would begin with the Waynesville Tigers receiving the kickoff. The ball would be back and forth until 8:16. The Tigers would not connect on a 4-14 play and give the Chiefs possession of the ball.  Just three seconds later the Tigers would almost intercept the ball on their own fourteen yard line.

Waynesville and Kickapoo would trade the ball by punts a few time till around 4:39. The Tigers would nearly intercept the ball again. The Kickapoo Chiefs scored on a twenty one yard touchdown pass to The Chiefs Austin Houston. They missed the extra point and led the game 23-14.

The Tigers would drive their way to the fifty yard line with around two minutes in the third quarter. Waynesville punted the ball back to Kickapoo as they continued to hold the ball from the Tigers. The third quarter score would end with the Kickapoo Chiefs leading 26-14.

The Tigers David Adams picked the ball off in the endzone at 10:15 in the fourth quarter for the first turnover by either team on the night. The Tigers would have more than one hundred yard in penalties in the game. Shane Butler Lawson ran the ball in on a fifty three yard touchdown run. Choi missed the extra point but the score brought the Tigers within three points of the Chiefs.

Waynesville would trade the ball off a few more times in the game. The Chiefs would capitalize on a couple waynesville turnovers. Kickapoo would end the scoring with a sixty four yard touchdown run to give them a final score of 36-20.

The Waynesville Tigers will take on the Ozark Tigers this Friday in Ozark for the first round of district play.