The final conspirator in the 2016 jailbreak was sentenced recently for her part in the 2016 break out of James Sherrell and Dustin Richardson from the Pulaski County Jail.

Marlee Davy pleaded guilty to Aiding the Escape of a Prisoner and was sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections (DOC). Davy and Angelica Black were the two women who aided in the escape of Sherrell and Richardson.

Black was a jailer at the time and had allowed the inmates to take her keys and escape after they "faked a sick call," according to, then Pulaski County Sheriff, Ron Long. Long said, at a press conference in September of 2016, held with multiple officers of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department (PCSD), that he reviewed the video surveillance inside the jail after the escape and "deemed it necessary" to bring Black back in because there was some "concern" over her actions. Long said she "confessed" to a sexual relationship with Richardson.

The Daily Guide contacted Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman to ask about the final outcomes of each of the individuals involved in the jailbreak after Davee was sentenced. Hillman told the Daily Guide that Black pleaded guilty to Aiding the Escape of a Prisoner and agreed to cooperate with the State and "testify truthfully against the other defendants."

"Judge Wiggins sentenced her to a suspended imposition of sentence, two years probation, 80 hours of community service, court costs, and a $300 payment to the County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund.  She remains on probation," Hillman said.

Davy also agreed to testify on behalf of the State.

"Judge Wiggins sentenced her to 5 years in DOC but she is eligible to be released on probation after 120 days shock time if Judge Wiggins so chooses.  She is in DOC now," Hillman said.

Davy's part in the escape included a car chase in the Crocker area after the escape. Davy, Richardson, and Sherrell were spotted by a deputy at Delano's in Crocker. Long said in his September 2016 press conference, after attempting to apprehend them, Davy attempted to "run over" the deputy "several times" before leading him on a high speed chase.

The chase led outside of Crocker and onto U Highway. Long reported, as did the probable cause statement, that Sherrell and Richardson threw items out the windows of the Suburban Davy was driving, attempting to "wreck" the deputy's car. The fugitives smashed through a gate onto private property and the deputy followed, eventually hitting something and causing a tire to blow out. The escapees and Davy were able to get away.

Davy and Richardson fled to Oklahoma in a stolen vehicle and were eventually apprehended at a McDonald's in Atoka, Ok. Atoka, Ok. Police Department and state troopers surrounded the business and found Richardson and Davy inside. Long said they tried to give false identifying information, but it didn't work and they were taken into custody. A search of the vehicle they were driving revealed a pistol in their possession, according to Long at the September 2016 press conference.

"Dustin Richardson pled guilty to Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer in the Second Degree and Escape.  He was sentenced to five years on the first case and four years on the second case.  The sentences are consecutive and no parole is allowed on the escape charge. He is in DOC," Hillman told the Daily Guide.

Sherrell, the second escapee, was found near Crocker thanks to a tip given to a Richland Police Department officer, as well as other tips. A raid was performed on the residence where Sherrell was found and he surrendered peacefully at the time.

"James Sherrell pled guilty to Resisting Arrest, Escape, and Assault on a Law Enforcement Office in the Second Degree.  He was sentenced to four years, two years, and three years. The sentences are consecutive and no parole is allowed on the escape charge.  He also had a seven year sentence on a Possession of a Controlled Substance and four years on a Possession of Drug Paraphernalia imposed because of the violation of his previous probation.  Those sentences all run consecutive to one another for a total of 20 yrs. He is in DOC," Hillman told the Daily Guide.

The jailbreak and manhunt following it was one of the biggest stories and most read stories online for the area in 2016.

"The real heroes in this case were the deputies and police officers who caught these guys so we could send them to prison where the belong.  The PCSD caught Sherrell and the Atoka, OK PD caught Richardson after he was tracked there by MSHP (Missouri State Highway Patrol) and PCSD," Hillman said.