A St. Robert man is charged with domestic assault in the second degree and kidnapping in the second degree.
    Gregory C. Muldrow, age 37 of St. Robert, was arrested after law enforcement was called to check the well-being of an individual.
    According to the probable cause report, the reporting party stated the victim made comments on Facebook, insinuating she might harm herself, prompting the call to law enforcement.
    Upon arrival, the reporting officer and another officer made contact with a white female who was identified as the victim by her driver’s license. The officers noticed she had a black eye and a contusion on the right side of her head above her eye.
    The reporting officer asked Bussel what happened to her eye and head area. According to the probable cause statement, she told him “a guy named Greg” had hit her and he was no longer at the apartment area.
    The victim reportedly didn’t want to give any information regarding Greg’s last name and refused medial treatment. The reporting officer told her to contact him if she needed anything else.
    According to the report, the officer made contact with the party who reported the Facebook comments as he was leaving. They told the officers the victim needed help for psychiatric care and rehabilitation.
    The officer told the reporting party they had Greg’s first name but the victim did not want to give any other information. The officer then went with the reporting party to the residence and make contact with the victim again, who stated she wanted help.
    Pulaski County Ambulance personnel arrived on scene and spoke with the victim about her injuries. After speaking she then reportedly refused any medical attention. According to the probable cause statement, the officer was advised of Greg’s location prior to leaving the scene.
    The reporting and accompanying officers made contact with a black male who was identified by his Missouri’s non-driver’s license as Gregory Muldrow. Muldrow stated his house was wreck due to the victim destroying it.
    The reporting officer told Muldrow about the marks on the victim’s face, and had stated they were caused by Muldrow. Muldrow reportedly responded by saying he and the victim had only been together for three weeks.
    Muldrow was placed under arrest for domestic assault based on the evidence and condition of the victim. He was then escorted to the patrol vehicle and placed in handcuffs.
    According to the probable cause statement, the victim later stated Muldrow would not let her leave the residence and kept from using her phone. Her phone and car keys were located on Muldrow’s person at the St. Robert Police Department.
    The victim told officers that Muldrow is very violent is scared for her life once he is released. Her black eye reportedly occurred “a few days ago” and the contusion on head even more recently.
    According to the probable cause statement, Muldrow has been a part of previous domestic assault cases.