Michael Talley, formerly of Dixon and currently of Mountain Home, Ark., pleaded guilty to the August 2016 Big Piney murder of Keith Bridwell.
The guilty plea was to the charges of Murder in the Second Degree and Robbery in the First Degree, according to a press release from Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman.
Talley is the second individual to plead guilty in the murder of Bridwell. Lindsey Debault pleaded guilty to Murder in the Second Degree for her role in Bridwell's murder.
"Ms. Debault agreed to cooperate with the State and provide truthful testimony against Mr. Talley.  Her sentencing will occur once Mr. Talley’s case is complete," Hillman said in his press release.
Debault was charged in August of 2016 after being apprehended with Talley by Springfield Police Department after having been accused of trying to steal merchandise from a Home Depot. The two were identified as persons of interest in the shooting death of Keith Bridwell.
When Talley and Debault were initially arrested, an explosive device was discovered in their vehicle, along with additional explosive devices found during the execution of a search warrant.
Debault confessed to detectives that she was with Talley when Bridwell was killed, according to the probable cause statement filed last year.
The probable cause statement on Talley states that when Springfield Police Department searched Talley's vehicle they discovered "several items belonging to Bridwell."
When the vehicle was thoroughly search, officers discovered a handgun, ammunition, and small explosive devices, according to Butler. Officials said they couldn't discuss the explosives, only that they weren't homemade, and that portion of the case has been turned over to the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms).
According to the probable cause statement, Talley agreed to speak with detectives after his arrest. Talley told Detectives that he had gone to Bridwell's home on August 5, with a baseball bat with the intention "of killing Bridwell that night by beating him with a baseball bat."
Another male was at Bridwell's residence when Talley arrived and he "stated that he did not go through with the beating," according to the probable cause statement. Instead, Talley returned "on the early morning of August 6" and knocked on the back door.
Talley, the probable cause statement reported, asked Bridwell for a glass of water and was allowed to enter the home. After entering the residence, Talley "shot Bridwell once." Talley told detectives, the probable cause statement said, "Bridwell attempted to get away when he (Talley shot him again in the side area."
"Talley continued to say Bridwell stumbled to the bathroom area where he fell. Talley said he took a towel placed the towel over the head of Bridwell and shot him at close range twice in the sid of the head," the probable cause statement reports.
Talley admitted to stealing items belonging to Bridwell after the shooting, according to the probable cause statement.
“The hard work of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department in investigating this case has allowed us to proceed to this point.  I especially want to commend Detective Christian Butler for his investigation of this case.” said Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman. “These two pleas are a direct reflection of the solid evidence that Detective Butler and the Sheriff’s Department put together solving this murder.”