The St. Robert Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, November 7.  After the consent agenda was approved, new business was discussed, upcoming committee meetings were scheduled and  departments updated the Board.  

Items on  the agenda included a request for a bid approval for a new post vehicle lift for the Public Works Department, a new design for the City of St. Robert Fire Department logo, city employee healthcare and dental care, and a proposal for submission of a city use tax on the April election  ballot.   A liquor license was also approved for the restaurant La Cucina

Mayor George Lauritson, Alderman Charles Slider, Alderman Linda Daniels, Alderman Allan Johannsen, Alderman Michael Myers, Alderman John Moore, and  Alderman Todd Williams were present.  Alderman Reggie Hall and Alderman Theresa Cook were absent.

Three more things to know from the Board of Aldermen

          1.  Use tax approved for submission on April ballot.

Ordinance 3141  was approved for submission of a city use tax on the April ballot. The  proposed use tax is pending the results of the 2018 April election and will not become effective until approved by the voters.

     What is a use tax? The use tax is a sales tax on goods purchased by Missouri residents from out of state vendors such as internet sales.  Approval of the use would allow St. Robert to collect this tax.  

     The citizens of St. Robert are already paying the tax on sites like Amazon, but  St Robert is not receiving the allocated tax and will not unless voters approve the use tax in the  April election.  City attorney Tyce Smith emphasized that” the use tax is not a retax.”

The use tax will capture out of state sales revenue and  give local merchants equalization with internet sales.

    If  the use tax is not approved, St Robert will lose the revenue from the use tax in November 2018.    

     2.  The Board of Aldermen accepts proposals from Delta Dental, United Health Care, and Dearborn National.

     The City of St. Robert renewed city employee dental and vision insurance with Delta Dental.  

   Employees who opt for this coverage will have expenses deducted from their paycheck.  

    The City of St Robert also renewed employee life insurance with Dearborn National and employee health insurance with United Healthcare.

     3.  Liberty Parkway approved as public city street.

     Ordinance 3146 approved the recommendation of the City of St. Robert Planning and Zoning Commission and Director of Public Works to accept Liberty Commons Plat #1, known as Liberty Parkway as a public city street. The city will provide maintenance to Liberty Parkway and completed public improvements (infrastructures)  Speed limit posted as 20 mph.