A local lawyer and mother, Kimberly Lowe, has recorded a song and a video to honor veterans with the hope of inspiring hope and courage in others.     

Kimberly said she driven by her love for God, family, and country.

    “Oh Johnny Boy,” is a song written by Kimberly, and set to video.

    In the opening credits on YouTube, “Oh Johnny Boy,”  is “dedicated to every person who has had a loved one in service to their country - may this song give you hope and courage -- P.S. I love you son.”

     “Oh Johnny Boy” is Kimberly’s first video and third single.  Kimberly has recorded two other albums and two other singles.  

     When Kimberly was young, her dad, an amazing musician, according to Kimberly, introduced her to music.  She didn't do much with it ( music) then.  Kimberly commented that she had no idea she could write music and had no idea “God had put the gift of music inside her.”  Kimberly attended high school and law school in Arkansas.  She married a service member and moved to Missouri.

    Four years ago Kimberly started writing music. She was going through a difficult time in life. She is grateful for the difficulties because during this time, through God, she discovered her gift of music.  Kimberly has written 23 songs in just three years.

    The Daily Guide spoke with Kimberly and found out the story behind “Oh Johnny Boy.”

     Kimberly was inspired to write the song for a Veterans Day event in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2016. They had asked her to sing the National anthem and another song.

     As Kimberly was driving to Arkansas the song “Danny Boy” came into her head.  Kimberly had always liked the melody and within a half an hour she knew what she was going to write.  Kimberly performed “Oh Johnny Boy” for the first time at the Fayetteville Veterans ceremony.

     The words to the song were inspired in part by her son’s decision to serve in the the army and in part because Kimberly realized she felt what many other people before her felt when their loved ones joined the armed forces.

     Kimberly said “ God inspired me to write the words for my son so he could draw hope and courage from those who paved the way for freedom before him; those who had the courage to step up to the line even if it meant injury or death”.

    Kimberly added,  “Their (those who served in the armed forces) selfless sacrifices, their legacy touches us beyond their deaths and gives value to our life.  

    Their priceless gift beckons us to serve with hope and courage. Their sacrifice inspires us to live meaningfully because they taught us that freedom isn’t free. They suffered the hell of war so we could live in a haven of peace.”

      As Veterans Day 2017 neared, Kimberly decided to record the song.  Her Dad encouraged her to add video to the song because her song shared such a powerful message.      

    The video is a compilation of images;  veterans, soldiers, including her grandfather and son, scenes from war, and  scenes at the cemetery.

     Halfway through the video Kim honors all soldiers and veterans,who paid the ultimate sacrifice, with a beautiful and poignant rendition of Military Taps.  The video ends on a high note with Kimberly’s lyrics of hope and love.

    Kimberly’s lyrics of hope “Let courage rise from those who've gone before you” are repeated several times throughout her song.

   Kimberly’s newest video and her music is on Spotify, Youtube, and her website www.gofaithstrong.com

     Kimberly’ s goal in recording “Oh Johnny Boy” is  to pass on the  hope and courage from those who served to all soldiers, veterans and future generations.