Steven Bales has been named the Mental Health Hero for November.

Steve runs the Pulaski County Coalition Against Drugs and has been doing so since 2013. It was created by now retired Sheriff Ron Long.

The coalition aims to bring drug awareness and education to the community. Steve has done all sorts of activities, including: maintaining their Facebook page, going to town halls, and helped introduce the jail ministry to the sheriff’s department with former sheriff Ron Long. He can also be found doing drug booths at various events. He also aims to reach students within the school districts. Steve became interested in this for personal reasons and knowing and seeing the devastation that drugs have caused.

He said to those who struggle with addiction to seek help and to find a support system. According to Steve, mental health is of utmost importance since drugs do so much damage to the brain and destroy families. Important to note that for each person who has an addiction, 20 others are effected. He stated in the county jail, about 85% of inmates are there for drug related crimes.