The North Gate to Fort Leonard Wood was shut down Thursday afternoon into the evening causing traffic issues both on and off the base.

Travelers to and from Fort Leonard Wood were rerouted from that gate to the West Gate on Polla Rd. in Waynesville.

The Daily Guide talked with the Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office (PAO) Thursday afternoon to find out the reason why and were told that there was "an ongoing investigation." The gate was reopened Thursday evening around 8:30 p.m.

PAO said in a press release Thursday evening, "The Fort Leonard Wood Directorate of Emergency Services confirmed the closure was to ensure public safety following a false positive by a military police K9."

The Daily Guide spoke with PAO Friday morning in an attempt to dispel rumors on social media about the possibility that a truck filled with explosives was the reason for the closure.

PAO explained that a driver was stopped at the gate and a military K9 scanned the vehicle. The K9 "hit on a scent," which triggered further investigation.

"The Directorate of Emergency Services took the necessary steps," A PAO representative said.

PAO said the Direcctor felt the need to have the area cleared because it would be better to prepared if it had turned out that there was cause for concern.

"When you're talking about public safety, we prefer to err on the side of caution," The PAO representative said.

A video has been posted on social media, including the Daily Guide's Facebook page, with an individual who claimed that the military police warned him and others to stay inside their businesses that are near the North Gate. The individual claimed that they were told that there was a truck containing explosives and that is the reason the gate was closed down.

PAO said the claim is "false" and that "there was nothing in there that was going to harm personnel or the surrounding community."

Fort Leonard Wood's Facebook page put out a message about the incident as well, thanking the community for its understanding.

"The Fort Leonard Wood Directorate of Emergency Services appreciates the communities' understanding and patience last night during the North Gate closure. The gate was closed as a precaution due to a suspicious vehicle. EOD assessed the situation and determined the vehicle and the contents in the vehicle did not pose any threat to the community," The message read.