Waynesville's regular city council meeting included information about taser training for the WPD, approval of the budget, and changes in the fee schedule for the animal shelter.

On Thursday, November 16, the Waynesville City Council convened.  

Before the meeting Waynesville Chief of Police Dan Cordova spoke with the Daily Guide about the taser instruction and certification course.

Last Sept, according to Cordova, SSG McQueen, SFC Green, and SSG Streichert and Christine Wise came to the Waynesville Police Department and provided taser instruction courses to the Waynesville Police Department, free of charge.  

SSG McQueen is a master taser instructor and is assigned to Fort Leonard Wood.

Cordova said, “They gave us some fantastic training which included live drills and high stress training.  Honestly we had a blast. The instruction was outstanding.”

As a result of the training, several Waynesville police officers received taser instructor certification, at no cost to the city or taxpayers.  

After a closed session to discuss real estate, personnel and legal issues the council meeting began.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Luge Hardman, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Clarence Liberty, Councilman Ed Conley, Councilman Mike Francis, Councilman Alan Clark, Councilman Tim Mann, Councilman Sheryl Folkert,  and Councilman Michael Curtis.   Councilman Tim Mann was absent.

  Items on Thursday’ s agenda included a presentation of a certificate of appreciation, updates and reports committees and proposed ordinances to include approval of the 2018 budget,  modifications to personnel manual , and approval of increases in certain fees at the Waynesville Animal Shelter.

In other business:

    Mayor Hardman and City Administrator Bruce Harrill spoke about tax issues surrounding the solar farm and movie theater

David Lowe was re-appointed Municipal Judge

Jesse DeGraftenreed resigned as Park Board President. In his resignation letter, DeGraftenreed thanked the Mayor for selecting him for the position and said it “ has truly been a pleasure and honor to serve.”

Three more things to know from the City Council Meeting

Taser instructors and trainers recognized

Mayor Hardman and Chief Cordova presented SSG McQueen, SFC Green, SSG Streichert and Christine Wise with certificates of appreciation for the taser instruction and training presented by these individuals to the Waynesville Police Department at no cost to the city or taxpayers.  Both Mayor Hardman and Chief Cordova thanked these individuals and complimented them on doing an outstanding job.

    2.  2018 budget approved

   Ordinance  2286 approved adopting fiscal year 2018 budget and Ordinance 2287 approved accepting modification,  improvements, and updates to personnel manual.

    Key projects planned for the 2018 fiscal year include: a new handicapped accessible bathroom in the park, GW Lane street  improvements, airport grant projects, and a new police car.

     The 2018 budget is based on a slight growth in Sales Tax Revenue. Both ordinances will be effective on January 1, 2018.

       3.  Fee increase at Waynesville Animal Shelter

      Ordinance 2288 approved acceptance of increased fees at the Waynesville Animal Shelter.

     During the Police Committee meeting, Susan Rather, Waynesville Animal Shelter Manager, told the committee that current existing adoption and surrender fees may not cover all the costs for daily services for animals at shelter . 

The new fees are:

Adult adoption $90.00

Puppy adoption $75.00

Owner surrender $75. 00 (No change)

Microchip $20.00

Stray hold fee, per day $15.00

In pound fee, per day $15.00

Quarantine per day $20.00

  The increased fees will also help in deterring the cost of prolonged medical treatment and training or other needs the shelter's dogs or cats ( Fort Leonard Wood facility) might have to get them ready for adoption and forever homes.