Frisco League Tournament

The semifinal round is finished for the boys side Frisco League Tournaments. This was another close three games as all the teams were equal again for the second set of games on the boys side.
2 Iberia Rangers vs 9 Laquey Hornets - Consolation Playoff
The first game of the night was on the consolation side of the bracket as the Iberia Rangers and Laquey Hornets played each other in the elimination game.
The Rangers came out in the first quarter of the game and connected on their first several shots they took. The Rangers held the lead at the end of the quarter 10-7. Iberia came out shooting strong again in the second quarter. Late in the second though, the Laquey Hornets made a comeback in the quarter and outscored the Rangers 13-11. Iberia held on to a 21-20 point lead going into halftime.
The Iberia Rangers opened up the second half with a strong third quarter. They came out hot and outscored the Hornets 20-13. That gave them a 41-33. The Hornets came out stinging the Rangers in the fourth quarter as they outscored Iberia 14-10 in a late game surge. The Rangers won the game 51-47 after holding their own at the end of the game, Iberia will play the Richland Bears on Friday in the consolation playoff.
1 Licking Wildcats vs 5 Plato Eagles - Championship Semifinal
The second game put the top seed Licking Wildcats against the Plato Eagles. In another close game of the night the lower seeded Plato Eagles were ready for another upset in the Tournament after they defeated the number four seeded Newburg Wolves.
After the first quarter the Eagles led 15-7. The Licking shooters came out stronger in the second half as they were able to out shoot the Eagles by one basket. Plato still led in the game 27-22 going into the halfway mark.
 After a strong second half speech from the Wildcats coach Ben Glasgow, they came out and out scored the Eagles 12-8. Plato held onto a one point lead 35-34. The Licking Wildcats shined in the fourth quarter as they overcame the Eagles offence and was able to outscore Plato by six points. Licking Won a very close game 54-49.
The Licking Wildcats play the Crocker Lions on Saturday in the Frisco League Championship game. The Plato Eagles will play the Dixon Bulldogs for third place on Saturday.
7 Dixon Bulldogs vs 3 Crocker Lions - Championship Semifinal
The Final game was a surprising matchup as the Dixon Bulldogs pulled off the biggest upset the round before over the Iberia Rangers. This was sure to be a high scoring game against the Crocker Lions.
Both teams came out equaling each other's baskets. At the end of the first quarter the Crocker Lions led 22-20. The second quarter was more of each team matching the other. The Dixon Bulldogs outscored the Crocker Lions 18-16 in the very tough game for the second quarter. The game was tied 38 each at halftime.
The Crocker Lions came out in the third quarters and created a gap between them and the Bulldogs. They outscored Dixon 28-15 in the game and took an important 66-53 lead at the end of the third Quarter. The fourth quarter was another impressive performance by both teams in the game. The Bulldogs came within 3 points on several occasions but could not overcome the previous quarter deficit. The Bulldogs outscored the Lions 29-24. The final score was 90-82.
    The top scorer in the game and highest points total in the tournament this year to the point of the tournament was Ethan Boorom who scored 36 points in the wild game.
    The Crocker Lions will play the Licking Wildcats for the championship game in Saturday and the Dixon Bulldogs will play the Plato Eagles for third place.