Snow routes have been announced for the Waynesville R-VI School District.

Parents are encouraged to review their child’s snow route, to locate the snow route pick up and drop off points for their route and to practice it with their child.  

Parents should have received a snow route handout from their child’s bus driver; in addition, snow routes are listed on the district’s main webpage at To reach them from the district’s main website, click on “Departments,” “Transportation” and “Snow Routes.”

Please note that if a snow route is used in the morning, a snow route will also be used in the afternoon.

More details are provided below.

Inclement Weather Information, Snow Routes, Delayed Start, and Early Dismissal

To ensure the safety of your child or children in transporting them to and from school during inclement weather the following information will help you understand the definitions of snow route, delayed start or early dismissal. When the Waynesville School District decides to use snow routes, delayed start or early dismissal it will be broadcast over local radio stations, cable TV-Channel 12, Springfield Broadcast Council and posted on our web page at


Due to the different types of roads in our district and the routing of certain school buses, not all bus routes will have a snow route. Students affected by the use of snow routes should have received additional information regarding modified bus stop locations from the bus driver. If the district uses snow routes during the morning pick-up, buses will also use snow routes for the afternoon drop-off.


Should the Waynesville School District declare that a Delayed Start is in effect; all bus schedules and school starting times will be delayed two (2) hours. School dismissal times do not change.


If a severe snow or ice storm should develop during the day when school is in session, and if road conditions cause driving to be hazardous, school will be dismissed early.


Transportation Department personnel check roads starting at 3:30 a.m. if the weather situation warrants. Snow routes are checked. If snow routes are not passable with a school bus, the Director of Transportation makes a recommendation to the Superintendent to either have a delayed start or cancel school. If the snow routes are passable, then several areas are checked to determine if buses can drive their normal routes. If normal routes cannot be driven and the snow routes are passable, the recommendation to run snow routes is made to the Superintendent.


Please ensure that your student is dressed appropriately for the weather. The superintendent will make the determination of using snow routes, late starts, and school cancellations by 5:00 a.m., if possible. Please listen to a local radio station for this information. The information will also be provided on Channel 12 and via School Messenger. The snow route information is located on the school district website under the Department of Transportation link. If we run snow routes in the morning we will run snow routes in the afternoon. Should you have any question or concerns regarding transportation please contact the Transportation Department at (573) 842-2199.