The Daily Guide asked Crocker Mayor Glen Smith to reflect on some of the challenges, changes and best moments for the City of Crocker in 2017, as well as what the city would like to accomplish in 2018.

Smith told the Daily Guide one of the best moments for 2017 was Crocker Railroad Days.

“We had an amazing Railroad Day’s Celebration,” Smith said.

Crocker had its share of challenges in 2017 too and the Daily Guide wanted to know what Smith thought the biggest one was.  Smith said one of the biggest challenges the City of Crocker faced was a crumbling infrastructure constantly in need of repairs.

One of the steps taken by the City of Crocker to face this challenge during 2017 was to apply for grants to help in several areas such as:

a clean water/wastewater study.

demolition of dangerous buildings in order to pursue mandatory upgrades/ replacement.

a city wide clean up.

Despite the challenges faced by the City of Crocker, Mayor Smith told the Daily Guide, “Community support and participation has increased.  The Park Board as well as our Chamber of Commerce has grown and is becoming more involved and active.
In 2018,  the City of Crocker hopes to successfully pursue grants (applied for in 2017) for demolition, a wastewater study and a clean water study.      

The City of Crocker plans to accomplish this task by working with partners such as the Meramec Regional Planning Commission.

When asked what the wishes or hopes for 2018 were, the mayor said the city hoped for more citizen participation in projects, events and meetings as well as more citizen participation in assisting and encouraging business growth.