An air of excitement has settled over the Pulaski County Commission due to the discovery of a time capsule from 1951.

While demolishing the old middle school and digging through the rubble, workers found a stone that had been hollowed out with a metal box secreted inside. The stone was inside one of the walls. The box, according to Presiding Commissioner Gene Newkirk, is a welded copper box containing things from 1951, at least they think so.

The stone the time capsule was discovered in had 1951 carved on it and the county has saved it. There was some discussion about creating a new time capsule to go back into the stone and replacing the stone, but no official decisions about what to do with it were made.

The time capsule was presented to Dr. Brian Henry, Waynesville School District Superintendent, at the Thursday morning County Commission meeting.

Henry said he was excited to accept the time capsule and discussed having the commissioners come to the school when the capsule is opened completely. Henry said that he planned to talk to the student government association and have the commission in for the opening.

The time capsule was slightly damaged during the demolition and part of the metal box was ripped open. Henry joked that he was "tempted to peek" at the contents before an official opening because he was curious about the contents.

The box, Newkirk noted, was welded all the way around with no hinged opening. The commissioners speculated on how the crafter of the box was able to weld it closed without setting the paper inside on fire. If a member of the reading public is aware of who the crafter was or how that was accomplished, the commission is interested in hearing about it.

Henry said he thought he may have the 8th grade class do a time time capsule to be placed in the new annex the district is currently building.

When asked if anyone at the district knew anything about the capsule by the Daily Guide, Henry said he didn't know as everyone is still on Christmas break, but he's curious to find out if they do.

"I would like to find someone who had put something in there," Newkirk said.

The Daily Guide is also interested in speaking with anyone who had something to do with the time capsule or had an item in it.

Video of Thursday's meeting and the presentation of the time capsule to Henry is available on the Daily Guide's Facebook page at