The Waynesville Lady Tigers played in the Rolla Holiday Tournament last week. After three good games, the Lady Tigers were able to come away with a Tournament Championship, Wins over the Sedalia-Smith Cotton Lady Tigers, the Class 3 Ranked team in Missouri and Frisco League Tournament Champions Licking Lady Wildcats, and the St. James Lady Tigers.

The Lady Tigers also had three girls on the All Tournament Team. Victoria Perry and Kiera Shoulders made the general Team. ReShawna Stone was selected as the tournament MVP during the entire three days.

    Waynesville Lady Tigers vs Sedalia-Smith Cotton Lady Tigers - First Round

The Waynesville Lady Tigers began the tournament with an old Mid-MO Conference opponent from the early nineties.

The Lady Tigers came out in the first quarter and took a 16-9 point lead to start the game. The Waynesville Lady Tigers outscored the Sedalia Lady Tigers 23-10 in the second quarter. Waynesville led 39-19 at halftime.

Waynesville outscored the the Sedalia shooters again in the third quarter 17-7. The Lady Tigers had a 56-26 lead after three periods. The Lady Tigers were able to hold off Sedalia 9-4 in the final period. Waynesville advanced in the tournament to play the Licking Lady Wildcats with the 65-30 win.

Waynesville had four Lady Tigers in double figures in the game. Evans led Waynesville with eighteen points. Shoulders and Stone followed closely with fourteen of their own points in the game. Perry added eleven of her own. Handley, Coleman, and Conaster added baskets of their own.

Sedalia-Smith Cotton had one player in double figures. Wiskur scored ten points for the Lady Tigers. Martin added nine points to come in second for the Lady Tigers. Christian scored four points while Williams, Toops, and Cason both added points in the game.

Waynesville Lady Tigers vs 4th C3 Licking Lady Wildcats - Semi-Final Round

The Lady Tigers had a rare Frisco League matchup in the Semi-Final round again the Frisco League Tournament Champion Licking Lady Wildcats.

The Lady Tigers and Lady Wildcats both tied each other after the first quarter with twelve points each. Waynesville took a strong lead after outscoring the Licking shooters 16-4. Waynesville led 28-16 at the half.

The Lady Tigers beat the Lady Wildcats 15-12 in the third quarter to continue the tone of the game. Waynesville led 43-28 after three periods of play. The Lady Tigers and the Lady Wildcats both scored nineteen points in the final quarter. Waynesville won the game 62-47. The Lady Tigers moved on to play the St James Lady Tigers.

Stone led Waynesville in scoring with twenty seven points and seven rebounds. Shoulders added sixteen points and ten rebounds in the game to earned her a double-double. Evans added eleven points and three steals.  Perry, Handley, and Poinsette also scored in the game.

Holland scored twenty points in the game and Ferings scored ten. Hadix added seven points while Hood scored two points in the loss. Both Moncrief and Cook added four points in the game.

The Lady Tigers moved on to play the St James Lady Tigers.

Coach Matlock said this after the game, “We played hard and stuck to the game plan and were able to come out on top versus a well coached and respected Licking team that was currently undefeated and ranked 4th in class 3.”

Waynesville Lady Tigers vs St James Lady Tigers - Championship Game

The Waynesville Lady Tigers once again faced another Lady Tigers Team. The St James Lady Tigers made the championship game by beating the Rolla Lady Bulldogs.

The Waynesville shooters set an early tone in the game as they outscore St James 16-7 in the first period. Waynesville once again came out in the second quarter and nearly double the St James girls 18-10 in the second quarter. Waynesville went into halftime with a 34-17 lead.

The St James Lady Tigers put up a better fight in the third quarter and outscored Waynesville Lady Tigers 11-10 in the third period of the game. Waynesville led 44-28 after three quarters of play. The Waynesville shooters were able to hold on in the fourth quarter and outscore St James 9-5 in the final period. Waynesville won the Rolla Holiday Tournament with a 53-33 win.

Coach Matlock said this after the the game, “It was an awesome end to a great three Days. There were lots of positives for everyone. We know what lies ahead and the season and it isn’t over. We are Going to enjoy this and all their hard work so far this season going into the new year.  I’m proud of all of them and thankful for their commitment to this team. Our next game is Jan 5th at Jefferson City.”

The Waynesville Lady Tigers were led by ReShawna Stone who scored twenty four points, added nine rebounds, and five steals in the game. Shoulders was just behind her with fourteen points and eight rebounds. Perry scored seven points and Evans added five. Both Handley and Coleman score two points each in the big win.

The St James Lady Tigers were led by Marcle who scored nine points. Well and Rinehart both scored seven points of their own. Paulus scored fours and Donnelly added five in the tough game. Whiteney add a point of her own.