One suspect has been charged in an armed home invasion where two men allegedly kicked in a door and entered the victim's home brandishing guns.

Xavier Chambers, 21, of Waynesville has been charged with Burglary in the first degree, Armed Criminal Action, and Attempted Robbery in the first degree after a home invasion on December 28, 2017.

The home invasion occurred in the 15000 block of Tampa Road in the St. Robert area, according to court documents in the case. The investigating officer reported that the victim reported that "two black males had entered her home with hand guns drawn."

The investigating officer wrote in the probable cause statement that he observed that "the back door had been kicked in splintering the door frame, breaking the security chain, the door knob no longer secured the door."

He also reported that he noticed a "smudged foot print" present on the door and foot prints outside in the snow.

According to statements from the witness and her son, the two men demanded money. The investigating officer noted in the probable cause statement that the witness said that "one male with a thin build entered her room yelling give me the money, the other male, taller with a medium build" entered her son's room.

The victim told the investigating officer, according to the probable cause statement, that the "shorter male seemed nervous and told the other male several times let's go."

"One of the witnesses was later able to pick out Xavier Chambers from a photo lineup. The witness was also able to state he believed the nick name of the suspect was "Jay Woop." A Facebook photo was obtained identifying the the photo of Xavier as Woop from Ttb," the investigating officer wrote in his probable cause statement.

Court documents also note that video surveillance was obtained from a nearby residence that showed "two persons running from the apartments where the crime occurred" in front of a nearby business.

"These two subjects ran across Texas Road and appear to run down Tanglewood Lane out of sight of the video," The investigating officer reported in the probable cause statement.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said in a press release Wednesday morning that the case is still under investigation and if the public has any information to please contact the tip line at 573-774-7948.

Chambers is being held on a $250,000 bond in the Pulaski County Jail. The first degree Burglary charge is a class B felony and he faces five to 15 years if convicted. The Armed Criminal Action charge has a minimum sentence of three years, if this is the first conviction for the charged individual. The Attempted Robbery charge is a class A felony and the possible sentence, if convicted, ranges from 10 to 30 years or life.