The Dixon Bulldogs played in the Stover basketball tournament last week. They went 2-1 during the week and brought home the runners up plaque.

Dixon Bulldogs vs Green Ridge Tigers - First Round

The Dixon Bulldogs opened the tournament against a very strong Green Ridge Tigers Team.   

The game started with Green Ridge taking a 17-10 lead after the first quarter. The Bulldogs came out shooting strong in the second quarter and outscored the Tigers 20-12. Dixon went into halftime leading 30-29 in the game.

The Bulldogs came out strong again in the third quarter and outscored Green Ridge 21-16. The Bulldogs led 51-45 after three periods. The Bulldogs were able to hold on in the fourth quarter and outscore Green Ridge 18-14. The Bulldogs held on to win the first round game 69-59.

The Dixon Bulldogs were led by Trey Holzer with twenty two points. Both Walker Shelton and Sabastain Salais scored thirteen in the win.

The Green Ridge Tigers were led by Alex Rebilah with twenty two points and Keaton Gibbs with eighteen points in the game. 

Dixon Bulldogs vs Stover Bulldogs - Semi Final Round

    The second game of the tournament was against Stover for the battle of the Bulldogs.

    Dixon game out strong and outscored the host Stover Bulldogs 29-17 in the first quarter. Dixon did not slow down in the second quarter, as they outscored Stover 20-15 during the period. The Dixon Bulldogs went into halftime with a 49-32 lead.

    The Stover Bulldogs came out hot after halftime and outscored Dixon 15-11 in the third period. Dixon held onto a 60-49 lead after three periods. Dixon was able to make their shots in the fourth quarter and outscore the Stover Bulldogs 21-18 during the final period. Dixon won the game and qualified for the championship game 81-65.

    The Dixon Bulldogs were led by Sabastian Salais with twenty three points in the game. Walker Shelton was second in the game with fifteen points in the big win. Trey Holzer scored fourteen points in the game for the Bulldogs.

    The Stover Bulldogs were led by Cameron Worthy with thirty one points in the loss. Braden Barger also scored fourteen points for the Stover boys. 

Dixon Bulldogs vs Jamestown Eagles - Tournament Championship

    The Bulldogs made their way to play in the championship game and play the Jamestown Eagles for the big prize.

    The Bulldogs came out strong and took an early 17-12 lead. Both team scored well in the second quarter but the Eagles were able to take the edge and outscore Dixon 23-19. The Bulldogs went into halftime with a 36-35 lead.

    Jamestown came out on fire and outscored the Bulldogs 14-8 in the third quarter. Jamestown took a 49-44 lead after three periods. The Dixon Bulldogs were able to outscore the Eagles 14-13 but fell just short in the final period. Jamestown won the game with a score of 62-58.

    The Dixon Bulldogs were led by Walker Shelton with seven three pointers in the game that totaled twenty one points. Trey Holzer added seventeen points in the tough loss for dixon. Both Sabastian Salais and Braden Mahurin scored five points in the game. Isiah Willis and Seth Parker both scored three points in the game for the Bulldogs. Both Tyrone Harris and Shannon Kampeter scored two points in the loss.

    The Jamestown Eagles were led by Trenton Barber with eighteen points in the game. Austin Pippen added thirteen points in the win.