Editor's note: The following is reprinted with permission from former Pulaski County Sheriff and author JB King. The story was a post on his personal Facebook page and this editor loved it and asked King if he would let the Daily Guide reprint it.

OK, Facebook, it is a wet cold day, and I am bored and have lost my voice, and here comes another little story to assault your reading skills. I posted a few minutes ago about the good old days when truckers and Smokies exchanged many comments on the CB radio on I-44. And that brought back a little memory of an incident where…………

It was a nice and quiet overnight shift. I was the only Trooper on duty for probably fifty miles or more and I was chatting away with a couple of drivers who were following me west on I-44, being careful not to pass me, and warning all eastbound truckers of my location when……………..

One of the drivers behind me said; “Well Smoky it’s been fun talking to you but you are about to get real busy when that car that just blew me off the road catches up to you.” And shortly a big old station wagon car went zooming by me, well over the posted sign suggestion……..and just before stopping the car I ran the plate and………..Hit! Stolen vehicle!.........so I told the driver that he was right, stolen car be busy guys.

When the car did stop we were alongside of one of those real deep ravines on I-44 just west of the Berean Church and two guys bailed out of the car and jumped over the guardrail on the run down the hill with me in foot pursuit. Its 2am or so and it is dark down there at the bottom of the ravine and somebody I know got real nervous in the dark. Within a few minutes I was aware of a great commotion above me on I-44 and soon a small herd of truck drivers on foot came over the embankment headed my way. And many of them were carrying small metal objects that made the pew, pew, pew, type sounds and were not used as tire thumpers.

We soon found one bad guy laying on the ground with a fallen Cedar tree pulled over him. When I got my prisoner to the top of the hill I found, no exaggeration, at least 25 tractor trailer units stopped on both sides of I-44 with no drivers. I put my prisoner in the back seat of my patrol car and two drivers who only had real tire thumpers volunteered to see to it that he did not leave my car when I went back over the hill.

Flash forward a few more hours our mini-manhunt has failed, I have directed traffic and cleared the I-44 roadblock, and I have deposited my prisoner in the Pulaski County Crossbar Hotel. And I am back on the hunt for #2 runner once again.

About 6am another driver going east called me on CB and told me about a westbound hitchhiker who was almost to the truck stop at the 145mm exit. I had no problem taking a very tired runner into custody.

And later that morning my zone Sergeant chewed me out for not calling for backup during this incident and I tried very hard to explain to him that I had more backup then I could handle. He was not impressed.

JB King is the author of "The Tilley Treasure," a Civil War buried treasure true story, and "Justice: Military Tribunals in Civil War Missouri." The books can be bought locally at the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau and online at www.amazon.com/J.B.-King/e/B06XKXV6JK. King can be contacted at Sheriff330ret@gmail.com.