The Richland High School held its annual Homecoming game on Friday night and crowned this year’s King and Queen.

King and Prince Candidates  

The 2018 King candidates were seniors Evan Adams, Joshua Aufdenkamp, Jordan Baldwin, Levi Jefferies, Caleb Parks, Benjamin Russell, and Hunter Weller.

Queen and Princess Candidates

The 2018 Queen candidates were Jaycee Graves, Kelli Holler, McKayla Jennings, Brittany Latham, Ainhoa Maqueda, Morgan Moss, Carson Pemberton, and Jessi Whittle.

Prince and Princess Winners    

The 2018 Prince and Princess was Hunter Weller and Morgan Moss. Weller is a baseball player and participates in various activities in the community. Moss a a key player on the varsity basketball team and member of several clubs.

King and Queen Winners

The King and Queen was Jordan Baldwin and Jessi Whittle. Baldwin in a Varsity basketball player and participates in various groups. Whittle is also a member of several clubs in Richland.