It's been a big year full of changes for the Daily Guide, some wonderful, some bittersweet, and some sad, but 2018 has begun and this newspaper is beginning a new chapter in its life.

We've moved, our staffing has changed, we've gained a new general manager, the press closed and print moved to Columbia, we're getting a new look and logo, and there are some great things planned for our future.

The logo and look of the front page are probably the first thing our print subscribers have noticed about today's paper. It's changed. We're rolling out the new look to correspond with our grand reopening in the new location and as it says, we're still proudly serving Pulaski County.

Lots of changes have happened for us this year, but the best one, at least for this editor, has been the move to the Roubidoux Plaza on the Square in Waynesville. I'm in love with our new location and our new office.

When we consolidated our printing in Columbia, I wanted to move our office and it finally happened at the end of December. We're still working the kinks out of the move, but we're really happy about the change.

Another change for the Daily Guide, or DG as we call it around here, is Jason Lindsay. He's been hired as the general manager for the Rolla Daily News and the Daily Guide. Jason recently bought a home in the St. Robert area and has embraced our community. He comes to us from Iowa, but I'm sure it won't take us long to turn him into a Missourian.

"The Waynesville, St. Robert, FLW area is an amazing area.  The community minded focus was one of my biggest draws to taking the opportunity with the Daily Guide and moving to the area.  I believe so wholeheartedly in this paper, its staff, and this great community that I have already established permanent residence here," Jason said of taking the position.

He's already half way to becoming a Missourian, we'll just have to teach him to love the Cardinals, understand that the weather is bipolar, and other nuances of Missouri life.

Our grand reopening is going on Wednesday, January 17,  and if you're reading this before 5 p.m. on that day, you should stop in and say hi. We've got cake! You could win a free subscription and tell me all the things you like or don't like about what I'm doing with the paper these days.

Jason is as happy with the move as the rest of us. He said, "Moving to the new location will be a great benefit for not only the Daily Guide but also for the community.  Re-locating to the Plaza allows better access for our clients and puts us in the heart of many great community celebrations throughout the year."

I have been with DG in one capacity or another for going on eight years and have seen plenty of change in that time, but one thing stays constant and that is the news. It never stops, not even on Sundays or holidays, or when the internet is down, or when the weather is bad. We still report the news and these days we're doing it on multiple platforms in several ways.

We're committed to bringing the news to Pulaski County in a responsible, trustworthy way. If I reported it, then you'll know it's true. I'm from this community and I'm committed to it. The Daily Guide is committed to it. You'll be seeing us at events on the Square. I'm that tall, dark haired, woman carrying the camera, but I'm not the only person working here.

We also have Odaila Araiza, our award winning graphic designer. She can be seen manning a desk in our office and she has been with DG for something like 14 or 15 years. She couldn't remember exactly, when I asked her.

Then there's Tiffany Baker, our sales executive with the fun personality and great smile. Tiffany is working on her second year with us and is also a deep rooted local, like myself. She hails from Iberia with friends and family in Dixon and the surrounding area.

We added Allen Hilliard to our freelance staff this year and it's been a great addition. Allen is covering sports for us all over the county. We're managing to cover both Waynesville, Frisco League, and even some of Maranatha sports with Allen. Allen also shoots about half of DG's video in general. He does all of our sports video and occasionally does news video for us as well, due to his skills as a videographer.

Among my other freelancers are Abby Johnson and Sue Davidson. Abby does feature stories, travel articles, and covers the city of Richland. She hails from Lebanon, her mom is a teacher at Waynesville, and she even attended Stoutland High School. Needless to say, Abby is definitely a local.

Sue Davidson covers the cities of Waynesville and St. Robert, does feature stories and stories that require a bit of research. Sue is an amazing researcher and gives us great meeting coverage. Sue is retired military and is a substitute teacher, as well as a volunteer with organizations around the county.

There are other contributors to the Daily Guide, columnists, writers, photographers, and other individuals who send things in occasionally or pretty regularly, but this is the core group. Our staff isn't huge, but it's dedicated to the quality of this newspaper.

"The new location and the fresh look of the Daily Guide are just the start of many exciting changes to come.  From new promotions for our clients to fresh content for our readers there will be something for everyone who continues to support the Daily Guide.   Going forward you can expect to see the same great content as currently produced by the staff in addition to promotions targeted to the Waynesville community with a fresh design on many of our publications you continue to support.  We will also be launching our online e-reader edition in early February which will be available to all current subscribers at no additional charge," Jason said and I couldn't agree more.

Stayed tuned and keep reading us folks, there are some cool things coming and we're here to stay.